New Batman V Superman Video Shows The Big Doomsday Battle Being Filmed

New Batman V Superman Video Shows The Big Doomsday Battle Being Filmed

16 minutes ago

People certainly had their gripes with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but one thing that most can agree on is that the movie looked great. That was thanks to the work of Larry Fong, who served as the director of photography. BvS was a really visual effects-heavy shoot, so it was likely no easy job to film all the scenes before the effects were added. Fong recently shared some interesting behind-the-scenes footage of how the camera team filmed one of the most complicated sequences in the movie: the fight with Doomsday. Check it out below.

It's surprising how simple this was (to film, not to finish). We dollied towards Henry as a bright red light was dialed up. Then the camera moved around and away from him. This provided the basic element for the VFX guys (led by DJ DesJardin) who took over from there and voilà!

— Larry Fong (@larryfong) June 22, 2018

The climax of BvS finds Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman teaming up for the first time to fight a Doomsday-like creature, a battle-hungry monster created from General Zod's corpse and Kryptonian technology. It's a huge fight sequence that consists probably 90% of digital effects. Because while Henry Cavill can grow a great mustache, he can't shoot lasers out of his eyes. Films fans might be curious about the logistics of how these fight scenes come together on set, so good thing that Larry Fong has got you covered.

The prolific cinematographer shared some behind-the-scenes footage from BvS on his Twitter page, showing off a brief out of context video from the fight with Doomsday. Larry Fong wrote that scene was surprisingly easy to film, but not to finish. The video shows off Henry Cavill's Superman bracing himself, while the mocap actor for Doomsday stands opposite.

Seeing as how this takes place on a set with absolutely no visual clues and the actors are basically just standing there grunting, it's hard to tell exactly what moment this is from the fight, but I think I still figured it out. For those curious, I'm pretty sure that this is the part where Superman and Doomsday have a Dragon Ball Z-style beam struggle against each other. Check out the actual moment from the film in the video below and let me know if I'm right.