Every February, the streets of New York City are filled with the most expensive clothing in the world, models rushing from runway to runway, designers making last-minute touches to their collections, and lovers taking it all in. While the looks that come out of New York Fashion Week are the definition of cutting edge, some step a little bit over that line. From head-to-toe rainbow to bejeweled face masks, these are the most shocking looks from New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2019. And for some more practical style from New York Fashion Week, check out the . We Gotta Hand It To Ya A post shared by (@chenpengstudio) on Feb 12, 2019 at 6:45am PST This bubble jacket from the Chenpeng collection is as shocking as New York Fashion Week gets. You might think it’s just some bright yellow outerwear, but that hand attachment hanging down really sets it apart. Far apart. Wiggin’ Out A post shared by (@annasui) on Feb 12, 2019 at 9:08am PST This look by Anna Sui has bold colors, vivid prints, and a technicolor wig that brings you back to the early days of David Bowie. Nothing is casual or boring about this design, that’s for sure. Sparkle Central A post shared by (@sarakerens) on Feb 11, 2019 at 8:18am PST Since winning Project Runway, Christian Siriano has dominated the fashion world. And he took a big chance this year with this silver, sheer, sparkly bandage number that celebrity model Ashley Graham sported on the runway. Siriano called his collection “a world where we live as a society in an .” Well, mission accomplished? Walking, Talking Cotton Candy These cloud-like gowns featuring a multitude of colors made a huge statement at the . With an array of top models and celebrities posing in the cotton candy-like pieces—from Game of Thrones’ Gwendoline Christie (pictured here) to Bella Hadid—these are sure to be talked about for awhile. The Most Expensive Face Mask Ever A post shared by (@area) on Feb 11, 2019 at 12:07pm PST During the Area Fall/Winter 2019 fashion show, models came strutting down the runway with their faces covered in shimmering crystals. This face mask might even be too rich for our blood. Hot Topic, But Make It Designer Jeremy Scott is giving us strong goth vibes with these black and white tabloid tutu dresses. With huge bows, feathers, tulle, and newspaper print text, the look reminds us of every teenager’s punk phase. Careful Of That Banana A post shared by (@feyminoriyanagase) on Oct 29, 2018 at 4:12pm PDT The Asia Fashion Collection fashion show featured many confounding ensembles, but perhaps none as head-scratching as this banana-esque body suit from Fey Minoriyanagase, complete with fanny pack and puffer jacket. We hope no one missed her and slipped! Rainbow Bright A post shared by (@hoerchata) on Feb 10, 2019 at 9:30am PST This other Fey Minoriyanagase look appears to be a rainbow two-piece skirt and hoodie, brought together by suspenders… or a harness. Hey, at least this model can breathe through her mouth? A Look Into the Future A post shared by (@iiseseoul) on Feb 10, 2019 at 3:40pm PST This year’s hottest accessory is apparently a transparent rim covering your mouth, at least according to the Concept Korea fashion show. Socks & Sandals Strike Again The PH5 Fall/Winter 2019 presentation took crimping to a whole new level. Not only did all the models have crimped hair, but this turquoise pantsuit is crimped on the hem! The whole thing screams retirement home, especially with the socks and sandals. Kangol’s Back A post shared by (@gregbackstage) on Feb 7, 2019 at 10:19am PST Tom Ford basically created the mullet of women’s suiting at New York Fashion Week this year. It’s sexy tux on the bottom and furry 1990s Kangol hat up top. Fuzzy Wuzzy Had A Dress A post shared by (@byalisondias) on Feb 12, 2019 at 5:27am PST This look from Kanon at the Asia Fashion Collection show is made up bright prints in random shapes with different length sleeves and patterns layered on top of each other. And since it’s fuzzy, at least this model was warm, we’d imagine. Little Red Riding Hood Some of New York Fashion Week’s biggest moments were pleasantly shocking. Like iconic ’60s and ’70s supermodel Pat Cleveland, who walked the runway for Hellessy in a sparkly bright red pant suit. She proved you’re never too old for a fairytale. Chromat Did That Who ever thought we’d see curvy women of color, women with disabilities, and albino women stomping the runway at New York Fashion Week? The fact that Chromat featured these women is shocking in the best possible way. This brand continues to think forward in diversity, inclusivity, and sustainability, all while maintaining its high fashion aesthetic. And for some of the fashion trends we’re glad we left behind last year, check out . To discover more amazing secrets about living your best life, to follow us on Instagram! The post appeared first on .
February 19, 2019
By the time you reach your 40s, you’ve got less and less time to devote to Fashion Week. After all, you already know which styles work for you, and no 20-something on a catwalk is likely to change that. But hear us out: Fashion Week can be fun—and knowing which trends are about to hit it big can be super practical. To save you time, we’ve rounded up the best styles from New York Fashion Week’s Fall/Winter 2019 shows that will excite women over 40. And for more styles you’ll love, check out the Shutterstock/Sam Aronov 1 The Little Red Dress Red was all the rage for Fall/Winter 2019—which means if you haven’t started experimenting with the color yet, it’s time to start. This mini-length style from the Prabal Gurung Fall/Winter 2019 show proves just how versatile the look can be. Choose a dress with a fun sleeve or neckline and accessorize it with something unexpected (the yellow bow is totally optional!). The playful hue is bound to make you look, well, red-hot. And for more dress inspiration, check out the 2 The (Longer) Poplin Shirtdress Shirtdresses are forever in fashion, particularly when it comes to daytime dressing. And while the midi-length is probably the most popular style right now, Fall/Winter 2019 is about to be all about the longer hemline. If you’re feeling bold, you can style it over pants like the team at BLWDN (shown backstage, above). And if not, style it the way you would a classic shirtdress (as in, button it up and you’re ready to go). And for more fashion-forward advice for women over 40, check out the Shutterstock/Goran Jakus 3 The Black-Tie Suit You’ve seen the black-tie women’s suit on celebrities such as Cara Delvingne, Celine Dion, and Julia Roberts—and for a while, it seemed like something only certain women could pull off. But after seeing these showstoppers yet again at Fashion Week, we’ve declared this a look every woman should try. For your next event, ditch the floor-length gown in favor of a tux-style suit. 4 Bootcut Denim After more than a decade of super-tight skinny jeans, 2019 is about to usher in a new era of looser denim—especially in the form of figure-flattering bootcut designs, like the jeans seen here at the L’Agence presentation for Fall/Winter 2019. 5 The Textured Jacket A bold jacket is the epitome of cool. And if you find one that’s carefully designed with textured embellishments, you’ve got a serious statement piece on your hands. This updated bomber, complete with intricate knit details and sporty sleeve cuffs, is perfect for layering over a pair of jeans, or something dressier. Shutterstock/By Ovidiu Hrubaru 6 All Velvet Everything Sumptuous fabrics were a must for Fall/Winter 2019, but nothing was than the layers of monochrome velvet we picked up on at several shows, including on Gigi Hadid at the Tom Ford presentation. We love the bold hue, but you can also choose something in a neutral shade for a more wearable look. It’s chic and warm—and that’s all we could really ask for in a fall trend. 7 The Modern Leather Top Leather clothing sometimes feels too edgy for everyday wear. But when it’s got a chic cut, as is the case with this sleeveless leather shell, it’s entirely professional. Pair it with a tailored pant, maxi skirt, or culottes for a look that’s ready for the office. 8 Fresh Fringe Whether it’s styled onto the edges of a shirt or pants or used as a fun embellishment on an accessory, fringe feels anything but Western for Fall/Winter 2019. It now adds a bohemian twist that can instantly upgrade an otherwise traditional piece. Here, leather fringe brings a simple top to an entirely different level. Shutterstock/lev radin 9 Strategic Draping Sometimes, the best styles leave a little bit to the imagination. Rather than making everything skin tight this year, designers created looser pieces that will skim your figure and make it appear even more flawless than it already is. This dress from Christian Siriano shows exactly what we’re talking about. The loose ruching provides a sexy shape that’s still age-appropriate. 10 Glimmering Metallics Whether in the form of sequins or shimmering fabric, metallic hues are about to be huge this upcoming fall. These pleated, wide-leg trousers prove that even traditionally unsexy styles can be extremely alluring when done in liquid silver, gold, or bronze. 11 Lace Details Lace showed up at several shows for Fall/Winter 2019. But unlike previous seasons, the sheer fabric never exposed too much—rather, designers used it strategically on more demure cuts like long sleeves and lengthier hemlines. Shutterstock/ 12 Winter White Forget the rule that you can’t wear white after Labor Day—winter white is about to be the color of the season. Many of the all-white looks this year featured intricate detailing, with belts, furs, and other accessories thrown into the mix. All that’s to say the more, the merrier. Shutterstock/Ovidiu Hrubaru 13 Chain Details Add a chain detail to your look and you’ll instantly feel . This chain neckline, which went down the runway at Tom Ford’s Fall/Winter 2019 show, adds just the right amount of toughness to a seriously classic gown. 14 Longer Hemlines A few seasons ago, designers were clamoring to hit midcalf with a variety of midi-length skirts, dresses, and pants. But for Fall 2019, those hemlines are about to get a bit longer. Many of the looks we saw for Fall/Winter 2019 hit right at the ankle and showed just the slightest sliver of skin. 15 Cozy Tracksuits Not every trend has to be fancy—case in point, the continued popularity of the fashionable tracksuit. Wear one with a stylish sneaker on days when you’re looking to make a maximal statement with minimal effort. Shutterstock/Ovidiu Hrubaru 16 The Cool Fedora “Put a hat on it” might just be the easiest style advice you’ll ever get. Whether it’s a furry one, like this Tom Ford Fall/Winter 2019 fedora, or one of the sleeker styles you’re more familiar with, these fashion-forward toppers will hide bad hair days and help you look incredibly chic. Shutterstock/Lev Radin 17 The Turtleneck Dress You’ve already embraced the turtleneck neckline on your shirts. But this coming fall, you’ll want to invest in a dress option, too. In his Fall/Winter 2019 show, Christian Siriano sent several iridescent turtleneck gowns down the runway (that’s one of them, above), which means they’re officially en vogue. Try one like this for a black-tie affair, or look for one in a more casual fabric at a mini or midi length for everyday wear. And for the looks you should stay away from, check out the To discover more amazing secrets about living your best life, to follow us on Instagram! The post appeared first on .
February 19, 2019
When you think of New York Fashion Week, you likely picture stick thin, teenage models in barely-there outfits you could never dream of wearing. But, while some looks are certainly out there, there’s plenty of style straight from New York Fashion Week’s Fall/Winter 2019 runways that will work for all women. From belted coats that show off your curves to slimming monochromatic ensembles, here are the best fashion trends for women over 40 that emerged from New York Fashion Week. Goran Jankus / Shutterstock 1 Belted Coats Fall/Winter Fashion Week is always all about the coats. But this year, the classic wool trench got an upgrade courtesy of a singular, super stylish accessory: a belt. By cinching a bulky item like this at the waist, you instantly have a shape. For more inspiration when it comes to this fashion trend, check out this take from , which features a two-tone design that’s thoroughly modern. 2 Ankle-Length Dresses While the past few seasons have been all about the mid-length dresses (AKA midis) and floor-length ones (AKA maxis), Fall/Winter Fashion Week 2019 was filled with ankle length dresses. This new aesthetic provides just the subtlest peek of the leg, without showing off too much. 3 Pleated Skirts When you hear “pleated skirt,” you might picture Catholic school uniforms. But there is a mature way to rock this look, and Fall/Winter Fashion Week 2019 proved it. Mid-length pleated skirts were all over the catwalk—and when they’re cut from diaphanous fabrics, like satin or silk, they’re stylish and sophisticated. Even if you haven’t worn a pleated skirt since you were 14, your 40-year-old self can totally pull this one off. Gordana Sermek / Shutterstock 4 Long Sleeve Sequin Gowns If you have the opportunity to go full glam this year, take a page from Tom Ford’s Fall/Winter 2019 collection, which included a , fit for a queen. Typically, evening gowns are strapless or have dainty straps. But adding full-length sleeves to this look is the perfect amount of sexy, especially if you’re nervous about showing skin. And there’s no reason entering your 40s means you aren’t allowed to flaunt a show-stopping gown. After all, there’s a reason this was the grand finale of Ford’s runway presentation. / Shutterstock 5 Black-Tie Suits If you’d rather go unconventional to your next black-tie affair, try the coolest new trend for women when it comes to formal wear: a tux. There were plenty of examples in and all over New York Fashion Week. A classic cut in a satin-silk fabric works incredibly well for all shapes and sizes. 6 Lavender Outerwear Lavender is one of the coolest new colors for the 2019 season, in part because it’s so unexpected. After all, pastels are not commonly used in fall or winter, but the icy nature of this lavender coat hits all the right notes for chilly days. Who doesn’t want a hint of spring in the winter? 7 Kimono Dresses Wrap dresses have never gone out of style, thanks to Diane von Furstenberg. But Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2019 added an Asian-inspired angle on this classic with tons of kimono-style dresses. Belted at the waist, the look highlights the bust while drawing attention to the slimmest part of your figure. Thanks to the flowing design at the bottom, this style skims the rest of your body ever so slightly. No cut has ever looked this flattering and fashionable. 8 Two-Piece Sets You might thinking the matchy-matchy vibe should stay in the 1980s and 1990s, but Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2019 proved that you can age up and dress up a coordinated ensemble. Case in point: this blouse with matching Bermuda shorts. 9 Bold Shoulders Shoulder pads may also bring you back to the ’80s, but don’t let that be a deterrent. Not only are bold shoulders incredibly figure flattering, they’re also a great way to add detail to simple styles, cuts, and colors, as this outfit shows. 10 Anything Purple It’s not just lavender outerwear that popped up during New York Fashion Week—there was a whole lot of purple in general going on. Shades of gemstone amethyst read as downright regal, which is ideal for women of a certain age who want to show that they’re authoritative and stylish. 11 Oversized Silhouettes Clingy shapes were cast aside at New York Fashion Week this year, and loose, oversized silhouettes reigned supreme. When styled with luxe accessories, the look is not at all sloppy—think of it as more comfortable and chic. 12 Lacey LBDs We all know about the little black dress (or LBD) by now. But there were plenty of Fall/Winter 2019 styles at Fashion Week that amped up this classic with some lace. With long sleeves, it’s the perfect way to show some skin in a classy (not trashy) way. Karnizz / Shutterstock 13 Monochromatic Red Another color designers fell for this season? Bold reds, whether of the fire engine or burgundy variety. When used head to toe—like this , for example—it’s a modern and daring look. 14 Plaid On Plaid Yes, this is another throwback to your old schoolgirl days, but plaid can be worn in a grown-up, fresh way. This gorgeous plaid outfit from , for example, says sophisticated all over it. 15 Layered Sweaters The double-knit aesthetic is practical and, as they say, “twice as nice.” For Fall/Winter 2019, designers took layering to a new level, placing knits of the same fabric but with different necklines on top of one another. It gives a modern vibe to the traditional cardigan-and-shell sweater sets. 16 Fringe Accessories Fringe—as seen on a clutch purse here—adds the perfect amount of fun to a more serious outfit. Obviously, we’d suggest pairing this youthful accessory with a two-piece suit, not hot pants (which are really just for the beach and exercise). Miguel Rajmil/EFE/Alamy Live News 17 Patterned Puffers Puffers have been cold-weather mainstays for years, but for Fall/Winter 2019, many designers proved that they can be so much more than insulated jackets. Since you wear your winter gear daily—sometimes from November to March—a coat like this one Spanish designer Custo Barcelona ensures you’ll never be bored by your outerwear. 18 Head-To-Toe White Although all black is traditionally thought of as the most slimming monochromatic style, next fall and winter is going to be all about head-to-toe white, which have just as much figure-flattering power. Forget the idea that —in fact, it’s cooler when you wear it in the winter months, to be honest. Oh, did we mention just rocked this look. Need we say more? / Shutterstock 19 Turtlenecks Turtlenecks may seem a bit bulky and stodgy, but they can also be supremely sexy. Especially when styled as a dress or paired with a skirt—as collection proved—turtlenecks can be feminine and slimming against your face shape. 20 Sumptuous Fabrics Regardless of the cut or style, one major trend to come out of New York Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2019 was luxurious materials and fabrics, with velvet being a prime example. Who said cozy and cool had to be mutually exclusive, anyway? And for more style inspiration, check out the . To discover more amazing secrets about living your best life, to follow us on Instagram! The post appeared first on .
February 13, 2019
If you can’t wear something outrageous to the Academy Awards, where can you wear it? Whether it’s a massive princess-inspired ball gown or drowning your body in an elegant animal, actresses have historically made bold choices on the Oscars red carpet, some of which work out and others… less so. But, since there’s no such thing as bad press, these actresses are all winners because we’re still talking about their Academy Awards looks. From Audrey Hepburn’s lucky Givenchy gown to Björk’s bizarre bird dress, here are the most memorable moments in Oscars fashion. 1 Audrey Hepburn (1954) Audrey Hepburn was nominated for five Oscars throughout her career, but the only one she won was Best Actress for Roman Holiday in 1954. At the ceremony, she had Givenchy take a gown Edith Heath had designed for the film and adapt it for the red carpet. According to Hepburn’s mom, the actress called the belted floral number her “.” 2 Grace Kelly (1955) Few looks are as memorable as Grace Kelly’s blue strappy silk masterpiece, also from Edith Heath, that she wore to the Oscars ceremony in 1955. Kelly took home the Best Actress Oscar for The Country Girl. The thing that really took her look to the next level? The inclusion of those ivory gloves that just made the whole thing ooze class and elegance, of course. 3 Rita Moreno (1962 and 2018) Rita Moreno wore this showstopper when she accepted the Best Supporting Actress trophy for West Side Story in 1962. And she brought it out again to present at the 2018 Oscars. There were a few alterations the second time around—like changing the neckline and adding accessories—but the statement gloves were a must both times. “The fabric is made out of Obi, which is the sash that Japanese women use in their kimonos,” Moreno told at the 2018 ceremony. “It’s been hanging in my closet.” 4 Barbra Streisand (1969) When she headed to the 1969 Oscars, Barbra Streisand donned a daring pantsuit with flared bottoms and tuxedo trimmings by Arnold Scaasi. It was a daring look, but the biggest surprise was that you could see right through it. “I had no idea that when the lights hit that outfit, it would become transparent!” the legend later told of the controversial look. Still, it brought her good luck. She won the Best Actress Oscar for Funny Girl (in a tie with Katharine Hepburn for The Lion in Winter). 5 Cher (1988) Unlike Streisand, Cher was always in barely-there clothing and she brought her bold fashion sense to the 1988 Oscars. For the biggest night in Hollywood, the Moonstruck star wore a jaw-dropping Bob Mackie gown to collect her Best Actress trophy. This sheer look with black netting and jewels in all the right places is one for the record books. “Cher’s the eternal 15-year-old who’s going to do exactly what her mother says not to do,” Mackie later told of the look. “She’d been in a lot of movies where she was wearing jeans and T-shirts and hadn’t worn a getup in a long time. I said, ‘But you can’t wear that to the Academy Awards.’ She said, ‘I don’t care. I don’t want to look like a housewife in an evening gown.'” And she certainly did not. 6 Geena Davis (1992) Thelma & Louise star Geena Davis attended the 1992 Oscars as a nominee, along with her co-star Susan Sarandon. But she also took the opportunity to make a daring fashion statement with this mullet-esque Bo Peep dress from Bill Hargate. “She was going for something with a sense of humor and different from everyone else,” Mary Ellen Fields, an associate of Hargate, told years later. “We were looking at a lot of magazines, ‘What if we did something like this?’ Like, ‘Wow, this is fun. We get to go to a big party and play dress-up.'” Well, “fun” is one word for it. 7 Nicole Kidman (1997) There are few dresses that have been as equally praised and abhorred as Nicole Kidman’s Christian Dior gown from the 1997 Oscars. Joan Rivers certainly fell into the latter category. The fashion critic made vomit noises in Kidman’s direction on the red carpet. Kidman must have known opinions would be split. “I love it. I don’t know if people will get it,” she told on the carpet. “But if they don’t, well, maybe they should.” One thing’s for sure: People are still talking about it. 8 Céline Dion (1999) Céline Dion was the definition of cool at the 1999 Oscars in a backwards Dior tuxedo, pointy top hat, and diamond-studded sunglasses. She was there to perform “The Prayer” from Quest for Camelot alongside Andrea Bocelli. Looking back, she realizes the look was ahead of its time. “When I wore that, everyone was wearing dresses, not pants,” she told years later. “If I would do this today, it would work. It was avant-garde at the time. And it doesn’t matter. You just have to assume what you wear, you wear, and I did.” That’s the attitude! 9 Gwyneth Paltrow (1999) If it was a princess moment Gwyneth Paltrow wanted, that’s exactly what she got at the 1999 Oscars with her now-iconic bubblegum-pink Ralph Lauren gown. “I just wanted to look very sweet,” Paltrow told of the outfit she wore to accept her Best Actress Oscar for Shakespeare in Love. Mission accomplished! 10 Björk (2001) Chances are when you think of the most memorable Oscars fashion, you see Björk’s conversation-starting swan dress. The feathery look from Marjan Pejoski enveloped the Icelandic singer, who was a 2001 nominee for Best Original Song (for “I’ve Seen It All” from Dancer in the Dark). If the dress itself wasn’t enough to make jaws drop, Björk took it to the next level as she dropped actual ostrich eggs behind her. “The swan dress was actually part of my winter 2001-2002 collection and Björk saw it and loved it,” Pejoski told later. “Björk was definitely outside the box. Without people like her, it would be boring. … Look at us, 15 years later and we’re talking about it.” 11 Julia Roberts (2001) Julia Roberts rocked this stunning vintage black-and-white Valentino dress to accept the 2001 Best Actress Oscar for Erin Brockovich. It took our breath away, and the designer’s as well. “I have dressed so many people but I have to be sincere, the person that made me feel so very, very happy was Julia Roberts,” designer Valentino Garavani later said, according to . “I watched it on television and really, I was so excited that she appeared in my dress.” 12 Halle Berry (2002) Halle Berry turned many heads with an Elie Saab number that was sheer on top with an embroidered bodice and a merlot taffeta skirt at the 2002 Oscars. But the look really stays with us because it was a history-making night. She was the first black woman to win the Oscar for Best Actress—thanks to her work in Monster’s Ball—and she gave quite the moving speech to mark the occasion. 13 Angelina Jolie (2012) Angelina Jolie wowed in a black Atelier Versace dress at the 2012 Oscars, but a certain body part literally stood out: her right leg. Jolie strutted the red carpet with the now-famous limb bare for all to see and it wasn’t long before she went viral. But the actress—who was there to hand out the screenplay awards—didn’t really care what we thought. “I honestly didn’t pay attention to it,” Jolie told . “It’s as simple as being a woman, picking a dress you like and having a night, and not really thinking about anything else.” Well, we’re all still thinking about it, Angie. 14 Jennifer Lawrence (2013) Not only does Jennifer Lawrence’s 2013 Oscars dress have the distinction of being the most expensive of all time— worth a staggering $4 million—but it’s one of the most talked-about gowns too. That’s all thanks to a fall she had in the giant Dior gown when walking up to the stage to accept her Best Actress trophy for Silver Linings Playbook. Never has a slip-up looked so good. 15 Lupita Nyong’o (2014) One of the most angelic Oscars looks of all time is Lupita Nyong’o’s blue Prada dress from the 2014 ceremony. The gown—which she paired with a tiara-like headband—made her look absolutely regal. It really was a fairytale night for the actress, who took home the award for Best Supporting Actress for her big screen debut in 12 Years a Slave. Nyong’o told her gown was inspired by “champagne bubbles because [they] wanted to celebrate this wonderful occasion.” And the gorgeous color also reminded her of her hometown in Nairobi. And for more Oscars history, check out . To discover more amazing secrets about living your best life, to follow us on Instagram! The post appeared first on .
February 12, 2019
Men have a habit of finding something they like and sticking with it, not just for awhile, but for life. Trust us: Change can be a good thing, and it doesn’t have to be a big deal. One of the easiest, quickest, and least expensive ways to switch things up is with a new ‘do. By changing your hairstyle, you may gain tons of confidence and end up shaving years off your look. So, without further ado, here’s your step-by-step action plan for rocking a new hairstyle after 40. 1 Book a new barber. Loyalty and commitment are admirable qualities in a person, but it’s natural to seek out something new. You’re not married to your barber, so if you want a new style, feel free to try someone new who can work their magic. 2 Switch up your products. If you’ve had the same haircut forever, it’s safe to assume you’ve stuck with the same products, too. That means you have an opportunity to switch things up sans scissors. All you have to do is pick out a different product. The ingredients in styling products are more advanced than they used to be, and can instantly make your hairstyle look different. If you’re going for a gritty look, add a texturizing paste. Or try a hi-shine pomade for a slick and dapper style. Do a little research and don’t be afraid to try a few different things. If you hate your new product, just wash it out. 3 Assess your face shape. If you want to look your best, you have to find a style that . Oval faces look great with shorter sides and more length up top, while rounder faces that lack natural definition benefit from more structured styles that create harder visual lines. And face length plays a role here, too. For example, if you’re more rectangular, avoid anything too short on the sides, since it further elongates your face. 4 Find your inspiration. When you picture hairstyles you like, chances are you picture a certain celebrity. After all, the biggest names on the planet are the biggest trendsetters when it comes to hair. Lucky for you, they’re also amongst the most photographed people in the world. Maybe you want to cop Tom Hiddleston’s close-crop, steal Jon Hamm’s flawless waves, or rock whatever David Beckham is rocking these days. Whomever your inspiration is, do a quick Google search, find the image you like, and bring it in to your barber. It’s one of the best ways to communicate the style you want, since it eliminates any guesswork or miscommunication. Your barber will thank you—and you’ll thank your barber. 5 Change your shade. Unless you had a rebellious punk phase as a teenager or twenty-something, you’ve probably had the same hair color for the past four decades. But what better time than now to try a new shade? There’s no shame in finding out if blondes really do have more fun, just be sure to have a specialist . Consult with them to guide you through the process and to help pick the right shade for your skin tone. It might be tempting, but trust us: Do not try this at home. 6 Lighten things up. If completely changing your hair color isn’t up your alley, one of the best ways to give your hairstyle a refresh is by adding highlights or lowlights. If done well (read: professionally) these strategic streaks of color can slim your face, add depth and vitality to thinning hair, and even camouflage balding spots. Visit a reputable salon and consult with a professional colorist who can paint your highlights or lowlights exactly where they need to be. After all, you don’t want to look . 7 Let the facial hair flow. One of the most common complaints from men over 40 is that while their hair thins on top, it grows thicker everywhere else. So why not unleash your facial hair? When done well, beards are masculine, powerful, and can completely change the way your haircut looks. It’s best to get an idea of how your facial hair grows, then research different beard styles. Once you find one you like, start growing. Your barber can help you maintain and style it so you’ll look your best. 8 Embrace your natural texture. Much like your metabolism, eyesight, and tax bracket, your hair texture tends to change as you age. And that’s a great reason to change . If your curls have become waves, grow them out. If your once-straight locks have grown coarse and voluminous, adapt. Figure out what your texture is and find a style that will work for you. 9 Or change your natural texture. Is your thick hair starting to thin? Have your once pin-straight locks started to curl? Worry not—it’s just your hormones flaring up. But if you don’t want to invest the time into learning how to use a blowdryer, curling iron, or thickening products, there are more permanent options for you. Perms, relaxers, and keratin treatments can change the texture of your hair or create the illusion of thickness. Keep in mind, these are protein-bond changing chemicals, so they aren’t child’s play. It’s important to leave these processes to a pro as well. 10 Switch your part. Switching your part can totally change your existing hairstyle totally free of charge. It sounds so simple, but even something this small can make a big difference. It’s not for everyone, since some hairstyles are cut to lay a certain way, but it’s worth trying next time you head to the barber. Play around and see if you like it. If you don’t, it takes just one second to reverse course. 11 Go long. If you’ve been rocking a military-style crew cut or tight fade for most of your life and you’re just getting tired of it, . Not every man can let it flow like Fabio or World War Z era Brad Pitt, but even letting your hair grow slightly longer than you’re used to can really change things up. It’s important to remember that growing it out doesn’t mean you stop getting haircuts. You’ll want to get regular trims to keep everything looking neat while your locks get longer. 12 Or take it all off. If you’re someone who has always worn your hair a little longer or messy up top, one of the best ways to completely change your hairstyle is to start over. A buzz cut is an incredibly low-maintenance style that makes just about every guy look handsome. It’s also a particularly effective solution for men who are balding or seriously receding. It’s a dramatic change, and you may not like the results, but it’s just hair—it’ll grow back. 13 Don’t dread dreads. Many hairstyle options for men are created with straight or wavy hair in mind—which can leave black men, with coarse, curly hair in a frustrating position. For black men looking for a style shift, consider braiding it, twisting it, or going for dreads. Look to Snoop Dog, Lenny Kravitz, or even Bob Marley for inspiration. These styles can still look sharp for guys up to and over the hill. Your best bet is to visit a stylist who specializes in these techniques once you’ve decided to get started. 14 Get yourself some new power tools. Many men have a lack of experience using hot tools. But a blowdryer, flat iron, or curling iron can be your hair’s new best friend, opening you up to a world of different styles. While it’s not exactly rocket science, these tools can be intimidating, and if used incorrectly, they have the potential to damage or burn your hair and skin. Start off slow. And ask a higher maintenance friend, a significant other, or your stylist for tips. 15 Change your shampoo. If you’ve had the same haircut for decades, you’ve also probably been using the same shampoo. But it’s time to break that habit. If your hair is thin or lifeless, you’ll be shocked at what and conditioner can do. Dry hair can also find a shiny new life with a moisturizing duo. There are options to add structure to your curls, deep-clean your hair and scalp, or even enhance your hair color. 16 Or shampoo less. Most guys like a daily shower routine, which includes the ole’ lather, rinse, repeat. The truth is, unless your hair gets incredibly oily or dirty every day (or you go overboard with styling product), you probably don’t need to wash it on the daily. Most barbers and stylists will tell you that any haircut looks better the day after you wash it. That’s because of the natural grit it gets from a little bit of dirt and oil. Not only will spacing out your shampooing sessions give your hair texture, it will also keep your hair and scalp healthier overall. 17 Swap out your brush or comb. Just like screwdrivers, drill bits, and wrenches have unique functions, the same goes for your hair tools. Fingers style differently than a barrel brush, and a barrel brush styles differently than a fine-tooth comb. A great way to change up your style in a subtle way is to try out a few different tools and see how your hair responds to them. You’ll be surprised by the results. And if you want your ‘do to dial back the clock, don’t miss these . To discover more amazing secrets about living your best life, to follow us on Instagram! The post appeared first on .
February 12, 2019
Bangs are definitely a look. The argument for them goes that by cutting your hair to graze above your eyes, you’ll frame your face and highlight your best features. And sure, for some people, that’s definitely what happens. But on many, many others, not so much. So before you become a slave to the scissors (yep, most people with bangs require monthly trims), you’ll want to read on to find out why cutting bangs may not be in your best interest. Because if the last time your experimented with this look was when you were seven-years-old, there’s a lot you don’t remember about what a hassle bangs truly are. 1 Bangs need to be trimmed regularly. If there’s one type of haircut that needs constant upkeep, it’s bangs. While forehead fringe may appear cute and give off a low maintenance vibe, the style is anything but. You’ll need to schedule regular trims at least once a month—and more so if you’ve got a highly stylized look, like baby bangs, or have hair that grows particularly fast. And if you’re not aware, the price of haircuts adds up fast! (We hope we don’t have to tell you that you should never even think about trimming them yourself.) 2 Bangs only work with round or oval face shapes. If you’ve got a round or oval-shaped face, bangs can help accentuate your features. But if you’ve got a square or heart-shaped face, bangs will probably not do you any justice. If you were looking into bangs to balance out certain features, say, a wide forehead, choose some face-framing layers or angles instead. 3 They may itch your forehead. Bangs are . Baby bangs will leave your upper forehead in constant need of a scratch, while longer fringe may wind up irritating your eyes. “Depending how thick your bangs are, the blunt ends of your hair rubbing up against sensitive eyelid skin can cause irritation,” Joshua Zeichner, the director of cosmetic and clinical research at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City told . Wearing a hat to hold them down won’t help much, either. In fact, it just might make the whole experience worse. 4 Bangs always need to be styled, even on days you just don’t feel like it. Somehow, bangs always manage to look both frizzy and flat at the same time, regardless of your hair texture or type. If you were blessed with naturally straight strands, you may not need to constantly work at fixing your fringe—but if you weren’t, consider bang maintenance your new full-time job. 5 If you decide to grow them out, things get awkward, fast. Newsflash: Hair does not . Which means those perfectly trimmed bangs will grow out totally crooked. That means you’ll have to frequently decide whether you want to keep trimming them (and slow down the growing-out process) to make them even, or just accept the fact that your hair is a million different lengths. Not to mention, the entire time you’re dealing with this you’re going to be the bobby pin queen. Expect to have at least a half-dozen bobby pins in your pockets/on your head/in your purse for the next six months, minimum. 6 Bangs get oily particularly quickly. Because bangs lay against your forehead, they pick up your skin’s natural oils way more quickly than the rest of your hair. Not only will your fringe be super prone to looking greasy, but it could also cause acne breakouts on your forehead. According to the beauty experts at Allure, the best way to curb this is by pinning your bangs back when you’re not out and about and spraying product onto your comb instead of directly onto your hair. Sounds like a hassle to us! 7 Bangs won’t flatter your features the way you might think they would. You may be thinking, “If I cut some fringe, I’ll highlight my big, beautiful eyes.” But in reality, that’s not the case. Rather, bangs will crowd your eye area, covering your gorgeous peepers, and instead emphasize your nose, usually making it look larger than it is naturally. And for more on what hairstyles are “don’t” and which are “do’s,” check out the To discover more amazing secrets about living your best life, to follow us on Instagram! The post appeared first on .
February 11, 2019
While you may have once enjoyed a never-ending streak of good hair days, for many people, turning 40 signals the end of lustrous locks and the beginning of suddenly limp, lifeless hair that refuses to behave. Whether it’s the sudden onset of grays or a change in texture, the days when you could simply wash and go are a thing of the past. “For certain people, their hair will dry out and get lifeless as they get older,” says Marc Zelno, a stylist at in Brooklyn. “You lose elasticity in your hair just like you lose elasticity in the skin. It also tends to get a bit ashier and it doesn’t have the body it did in your 20s.” But there’s no need to panic yet. Just because your hair has changed doesn’t mean you’re doomed to an endless procession of bad hair days. By following these simple tips for getting your best hair no matter your age—whether you’re 40, 50, or even 60—you’ll look like you just stepped out of the salon, seven days a week. 1 Stop with the daily wash. While you may have been able to get away with washing your hair on a daily basis when you were younger, as you age, your scalp and hair tend to get drier, meaning daily shampooing can make your mane look dull and lifeless. “The most a person should shampoo their hair is twice a week,” says Zelno. “Something that’s sulfate-free would be a good choice versus something that’s harsher.” 2 Keep your hair well-moisturized. Think skipping the conditioner will keep your hair from looking oily? Think again. In fact, as hair ages—especially if you’re dealing with grays—it tends to get coarser and needs a little more TLC in the shower. “Older people should condition their hair every time they shampoo it,” says Zelno. 3 Don’t assume you have to go short. While many people assume that they have virtually no choice but to cut their hair short when they hit 40, Zelno says that that advice is woefully outdated. “It works for some people, but every ‘rule’ is not for everyone,” says Zelno. “There’s no reason older women can’t have hair past their shoulders. A lot of women go by that rule—cut your hair short because you’re older—but it’s very foolish. It’s just not true. In fact, there are some older women who look much better with long hair than they do with short hair—as long as it’s treated well. It all depends on the thickness, the curl, and the color. There are no set rules in hair anymore.” 4 Embrace your natural texture. Instead of trying to get your hair to become something it’s not, when you’re over 40, there’s no better time to start embracing your natural texture. As your hair becomes drier, it also becomes more prone to breakage, meaning the less time you spend trying to straighten waves or set your hair in rollers, the healthier it will be in the long run. 5 Get bangs. If you’re noticing some unwanted lines and wrinkles as you age, the answer isn’t Botox: it’s bangs. Bangs can not only disguise some of your forehead wrinkles, the right bangs can also flatter your face and highlight your bone structure. 6 Embrace your grays. Who says that grays are something to be ashamed of? Gray is one of the hottest colors in the hair industry right now, so if you happen to be lucky enough to come by yours naturally, embrace it—there are plenty of people willing to pay hundreds or thousands to get the same look. 7 Keep your flat-ironing impulses to a minimum. While you may love the look of sleek, flat-ironed hair, try ignoring the voice that tells you to straighten your hair on a daily basis whenever possible. As your hair ages, it may be drier or more prone to breakage than when you were younger, and flat-ironing it will only exacerbate those issues. 8 Don’t be afraid of hair oils. Though it might seem like hair oils would make your hair oily, they’re generally a great tool for anyone who wants to smooth age-related frizz without making their hair limp and lifeless. Zelno recommends oil-based products for aging hair as a means of keeping it soft, shiny, and manageable. 9 Add some face-flattering layers. While the shape of your face may look different at 40, 50, or 60 than it did at 20, there are plenty of ways to flatter your face, no matter what shape you’re working with. One of the easiest: Adding some face-framing layers that hit at your cheekbone and jaw to highlight your bone structure. 10 Attend to that flaky scalp. For many people, aging means dealing with an unexpected—and unwanted—hair issue: dandruff. And for many people, the dandruff shampoos that fixed the problem when they were younger barely touch it as they get older. If your shoulders look like you’ve been standing outside in a snowstorm after you brush, it’s time to head to the dermatologist to get a prescription-strength product that will put an end to those flakes for good. Or, just consult our expert-backed guide on 11 Try out a new part. If you’re feeling like your hair has looked the same forever, you don’t necessarily need a new cut to shake things up. Parting your hair in a new way, whether you opt for a deep side part or suddenly part it down the middle, can completely change the look of your hair, and is a great choice for anyone who’s not ready to take on a major chop just yet. 12 Add a clarifying shampoo to your routine. For those dealing with hair-dulling product buildup, a clarifying shampoo can help refresh your hair in a hurry. Just make sure not to use it more than once a week: clarifying shampoos tend to be more drying than their regular-use counterparts and can strip your hair if you don’t use them judiciously. 13 Get a pixie cut. While you shouldn’t assume that you have to opt for a short cut just because you’re over 40, that doesn’t mean these styles are off-limits, either. Now’s the perfect time for that pixie cut you’ve always flirted with trying—as your face loses its babyish attributes, a well-cut pixie can help bring out your eyes and show off chiseled cheekbones. 14 Ditch heavy products. Though your hair may be drier as you age, that doesn’t mean you should opt for heavy styling products to make it softer. Dry hair should be treated with a light hand, meaning that those heavy waxes, pomades, and gels will likely make it look lifeless instead of simply taming it. 15 Protect your hair from sun damage. It’s good practice to leave the house with a healthy coating of sunscreen on your skin every day. It’s also good practice to do the same for your hair. Since older hair tends to be dry and often gets lighter over time, it’s important to avoid exacerbating those issues by applying sun protectants first. The right sun-protection products can keep your hair healthy and reduce the frizz that often accompanies sun-damaged hair. 16 Heat style carefully. If you simply can’t break up with your daily heat styling routine, make sure you’re at least using an appropriate product to protect your hair first. “Never dry your hair without something in it,” says Zelno. “You have to coat it. You can’t just put heat on it directly. Your hair will last a lot longer if you put something on it to protect it from the heat.” 17 Use dyes specifically formulated for your hair type. While it may seem as though all dyes are created equal, there are definitely formulas that work better than others, depending on your hair’s texture and natural color. If you’re dealing with dryness, opt for an ammonia-free formula—preferably one infused with vitamin E or other emollients—which can keep dye-related breakage to a minimum. 18 Try balyage. Feel like those highlights you used to favor no longer suit you, but want to change up your look? Opt for balyage instead. This technique, which creates a subtle gradation of color in your hair, is flattering on a wide variety of hair textures and skin tones and feels like less of a commitment than a drastic dye job. 19 Master some protective styles. If you have coarse or kinky hair that’s getting drier as you age, there’s no time like the present to master some protective styles. Whether you’re doing braids, twists, or dreadlocks, the right protective style can help keep your hair from breaking. 20 Get a grown-up bob. There’s a wide range of bob styles between a little girl’s bob and the harsh angles of A long bob—or “lob”—can help you keep this chic cut face-flattering without adding tons of time to your daily routine. 21 Skip the sticky hairspray. It may help you set your look, but sticky firm-hold hairspray could be making your dry hair worse. Most hairsprays have high alcohol content, which can dry out hair, so opt for alcohol-free sprays instead whenever possible. 22 Get trims even when you’re growing out a short cut. While frequent trims won’t have any effect on how quickly your hair grows, they may make When you ditch those split ends that end to plague heat-styled short cuts, your hair will sit flatter, making it look longer, even if you’re taking off the occasional half-inch. And, better yet, over time, you’ll avoid having to take off huge chunks of split ends that can seriously set you back when you’re trying to grow out that pixie. 23 Pump up the volume. If you want your cut to shave a few years off your face, try adding some volume to it. A root volumizer can give your hair the youthful lift you want while keeping your hair looking healthy, too. Just make sure you’re not using a volumizing shampoo, though: “Shampoos that advertise that they give you body are not very good for the hair. The alkaline level is very high, but it’s an illusion—you’re actually drying it out at the same time,” says Zelno. 24 Make sure you’re using the correct amount of product. As a general rule, most people only need between about a two-quarter-sized dollop of shampoo or conditioner, and serums and oils are best doled out in small doses, too. For styling creams, serums, pomades, and waxes, use no more than would cover the surface of a dime or quarter, depending on your hair’s length, and for mousse, use just enough to cover a silver dollar. 25 Stop rubbing your hair to dry it. While rubbing your hair with a towel to dry it may seem like a good way to remove excess moisture, it’s also increasing your risk of breakage, frizz, and fly-aways—all of which people with older hair are more predisposed to in the first place. Instead, squeeze excess moisture from your hair and, if you need something to dry it on, blot it with an old t-shirt instead of a towel. 26 Try a soft updo. If you’re short on time but don’t want your hair to look worse for wear, opt for a messy bun. This casual look is chic enough for a night out but easy enough for everyday use and doesn’t require the heat styling needed to achieve other more formal looks. 27 Invest in a silk pillowcase. If you want every day to be a good hair day, where you sleep is just as important as to where you get styled. A can reduce breakage and frizz while keeping hair looking lustrous and soft, not matted. 28 Let your hair air dry whenever possible. Many people become so dependent on their heat styling products that they haven’t actually seen their natural hair texture in years. If this sounds like you, take a day to let your hair air dry naturally. Once you’ve seen your hair in its natural state, you’ll be better able to assess your hair needs—something particularly important for people over 40, as hormonal fluctuations related to perimenopause or menopause can cause significant hair texture changes. 29 Load up on (the right) supplements. In addition to your usual multivitamin, the right supplements can help improve the health of your hair. Vitamins A and E are particularly good for fighting breakage, while biotin is popular among those struggling with inadequate hair growth. 30 Learn to love your curling wand. While daily heat styling with a blow dryer and flat iron may be too harsh for your hair, the occasional pass with a curling wand can make all the difference in your look. Just a few strategically-placed curls can turn your hair from limp to voluminous in only a couple of minutes without the damage of whole-head heat styling. 31 Get a brush with natural bristles. Those soft brushes are doing no favors for your hair. When you want to make your hair look healthier, softer, and shinier, it’s time to choose a natural bristle brush instead. These stiff bristles can trigger oil production from your scalp, which you can then brush through your hair to create an especially glossy—but not oily-looking—effect. 32 Do a regular deep-conditioning treatment. If you want your hair to have healthy youthful shine over 40, it’s time to invest in a good deep conditioner. “Get a good deep conditioner and get a shower cap with elastic and sleep in it. Just rinse it out in the morning. The longer you leave a conditioner in, the more benefit it’s going to give you,” says Zelno. 33 Ditch uncovered elastics for good. Plain, unwrapped elastics may be inexpensive, but they’re wreaking havoc on your hair. If you want to minimize breakage, opt for fabric-wrapped elastic bands instead, which can help you achieve the looks you want without causing damage to your locks. 34 Maximize shine with a gloss treatment. If you’re seeking shiny hair, it’s time to talk to your stylist about a gloss treatment. “If you feel your hair has no luster, I would highly recommend a glazing or a gloss, whether it be natural, meaning no color change, or something that’s closer to your own hair color,” says Zelno. “Something like a glaze or a gloss should be done at least once a month if you feel like your hair isn’t as shiny as it was in your 20s. It will give it some shine and a bit of body to it, too.” 35 Invest in a great dry shampoo. Want to extend the amount of time you can go between shampoos? Opt for a dry shampoo. Just make sure to avoid ones free of alcohol and sulfates, both of which can dry out your hair and make it look limp and lifeless. 36 Get the right cut for your face. The cut that looked amazing on you in your 20s may not be as face-flattering when you’re 55. If you’re over 40, have your haircut reevaluated every few years to take into account changes in your face, like fat loss or a loss of elasticity in your skin, that could be unnecessarily highlighted by your old cut. 37 Condition at your roots and work your way up. If you want to make your look shiny but not greasy, it’s time to start conditioning your hair the right way. That means working from the tips upward and avoiding putting conditioner on your scalp, where it can lead to build-up and cause your hair to look greasy and lifeless. 38 Go in for a trim every six weeks. Because hair tends to get more brittle as you age, split ends are a practical inevitability over 40. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to start actually adhering to those suggestions about just how often you should be getting your hair trimmed—and fortunately, since most people hit their financial peak in their 40s, it might finally be doable to see your stylist every six to eight weeks. 39 Men, don’t assume dye is off-limits. If you’re one of the countless men whose beards and hair aren’t turning gray at the same rate, don’t be afraid of adopting some dye. Dyeing either your beard or the hair on your head can make your look more cohesive and make you look youthful. 40 Get wild. There’s no age limit on having fun, especially when it comes to your hair. Instead of sticking to the same staid look over and over, make your over-40s hair more fun by opting for a or striking cut. After all, you only have this one head of hair—you might as well enjoy it. To discover more amazing secrets about living your best life, to follow us on Instagram! The post appeared first on .
February 07, 2019
From the slim lapels of the ’50s through the loud-and-proud patterns of the ’70s all the way to the angsty flannel of the ’90s, we’ve pulled together the most popular menswear styles, year-by-year, from the latter half of last century. So read on—and be inspired to upgrade your own closet. And if you’re curious about what’s cool today, don’t miss these Thayne Tuason / Wikimedia Commons 1945: Pinstripe Suit The ’40s were all about the big bold suit, but pinstriped iterations were especially popular due to the rise of Italian American gangster films. Hollywood widely popularized the style with films like 1945’s Dillinger, where pinstripe suited wise guys left a big sartorial impression. And for more blasts from the past, check out these . 1946: Knit V-Neck Vests Though head-to-toe formalwear was big in the ’40s, the knitted V-neck sans blazer or jacket became a common look sported by many urbanites, especially among those assimilating back to postwar home life. And if you’re not sure what old items still look good, check out the 1947: Pleated Trousers The prominence of formalwear in the ’40s saw pleated pants become a regular for many men. Glance at nearly any photo of a suited man in 1947 and you’ll be sure to spot a pleat in his pants. And for some more modern fashion advice, don’t miss these . Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division 1948: Zoot Suit The zoot suit—characterized by its high-waistline, wide-legged cut, tight-cuffed and pegged trousers, and a long coat with wide lapels and wide padded shoulders—was one of the most popular suiting styles from the ’40s. It was especially popular among jazz musicians and swing dancers (in other words: the most stylish cadre ever). 1949: Patterned Ties As leisure suits and casual clothing grew in popularity, ties with colorful patterns started gaining traction. Many fashion glossy mags at the time championed the trend, and it even scored an in the venerable pages of Harper’s Bazaar. State Library of New South Wales / Wikimedia Commons 1950: Edwardian Revival Fashion glossy Harper’s Bazaar ran an article in 1950 titled “Return of the Beau,” claiming that Edwardian-era menswear was being revived for modern times by the tailoring experts on Savile Row. The look included a slightly flared jacket, natural shoulders, and an overall narrower cut, worn with a curly-brimmed and a long slender with velvet collar and cuffs. Next, check out these . U.S. National Archives and Records Administration 1951: Hawaiian Shirt The floral Hawaiian shirt became a vacationing staple in the ’50s—even President Harry S. Truman was a fan, evidenced by his spot on the December 1951 cover of Life magazine. Willem van de Poll / Wikimedia Commons 1952: Beatnik Jack Kerouac’s famous 1952 novel On the Road heralded a subculture known as the Beatniks, known for their pseudo-intellectualism and bohemian lifestyle. Their look commonly consisted of slim-fitting black clothes, berets, and thick-rimmed glasses. Key art via IMDb 1953: Biker Jacket The black leather jacket-wearing, motorcycle riding “greaser” is one of the most iconic subcultures of the ‘50s. Marlon Brando’s memorable role as gang member Johnny Strabler in 1953’s The Wild One popularized the look across the country. U.S. News & World Report Magazine Photograph Collection, Library of Congress 1954: Browline Glasses Browline glasses, named after the bold upper part of the frames, were the most popular eyewear of the ’50s. Prominent figures—such as Malcolm X and Colonel Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken—were notable fans of the style. German Federal Archives / Wikimedia Commons 1955: Harrington Jacket James Dean was the ultimate pop culture icon of the ‘50s, influencing many of the decade’s trends. When the actor famously sported a bright red Harrington jacket in 1955’s Rebel Without A Cause, one of his most lauded films, the outerwear became a widespread staple among many American youths. 1956: Pompadour Elvis Presley mania officially took hold of the country by the mid-late ’50s. When his debut eponymous album released in 1956, the singer became widely recognized for his influential look, particularly his signature pompadour hairstyle. 1957: “Ivy League” Style The collegiate style of dress—navy two-button blazers, Oxford-collar button-downs, tons of cable-knit middle layers—which is said to have originated on Ivy League campuses during the mid-50s, was widely popularized by the nation’s upper class. According to a 1957 , about 70 percent of all suits sold were in the “Ivy League” style in 1957 and 1958. Deutsche Fotothek / Wikimedia Commons 1958: Fedoras Hats in general were commonly worn throughout the decade. One of the more popular headwear styles, the fedora, was endorsed by popular figures like Frank Sinatra and Carey Grant. 1959: Western-wear Western clothing was another big ’50s trend, thanks to the rise of rockabilly, greaser, and rock-n-roll subcultures. Roy Rogers was another influential pop figure from the decade known for his trademark cowboy getup. 1960: Continental Suits Spiffy suited looks were all the rage among early ’60s icons such as Sean Connery and members of the Rat Pack, including Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis, Jr. 1961: Preppy A more modern version of ’50s Ivy League fashion saw a rise in prominence during the early ’60s. Polo shirts, chino pants, argyle sweater vests, and Nantucket Reds—as made popular by , who was sworn into office in 1961—became staples for middle-class American men. 1962: Mariner’s Caps Widely popularized by Bob Dylan, the mariner’s cap was a common headwear sported by various countercultural tribes of the ’60s. The legendary folk singer even wore one on the cover of his . 1963: Surf-wear Surfing gained significant popularity in the United States between the early to mid-60s. The California rock band, The Beach Boys, solidified the signature surfer lifestyle with their hit 1963 jam “Surfin’ U.S.A.,” leading to a rise in Pendleton jackets, board shorts, and Hawaiian shirts. Thomas Dellert / Wikimedia Commons 1964: White Tuxedo Thanks to the critical and commercial acclaim of 1964’s British spy film Goldfinger, starring Sean Connery as James Bond, the white tuxedo, one of the film’s most memorable looks, became a significant sartorial trope in many fashion ads and films. 1965: Mop Top Hair With the growing influence of Britain’s mod subculture in America, many young men began wearing mid-length hairstyles. This haircut was particularly endorsed by The Beatles, who at the time became the first rock group to be nominated for the Grammy Award for Album of the Year with their 1965 LP 1966: Mod In 1966, Life magazine published an article titled “Revolution in Men’s Clothes: Mod Fashions from Britain are Making a Smash in the U.S.” The mainstream success of mod fashion—which consisted of dandy tailoring, , and slick-combed hair—was in part due to the rising stock of British bands like The Beatles, The Who and The Kinks, who popularized the look. 1967: Paisley Shirts Colorful prints were frequently worn in the mid to late ’60s, especially paisley. Ebony magazine published a trend article in 1967, which stated: “Giant paisley print reflects the brightness of Acapulco and the colors—torero red, Pacific blue, and Mexican maize—are as zesty as a bowl of chili. Green and gold medallioned [sic] sport shirt is worn with Van Heusen’s chili cardigan.” 1968: Crushed Velvet The late ’60s was marked by the “Peacock Revolution,” heralding a return of flamboyant Edwardian suits in unique fabrics and patterns. Crushed velvet became a trademark look for many musicians in rock music at the time, including the Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix. Derek Redmond and Paul Campbell / Wikimedia Commons 1969: Hippie The legendary Woodstock festival took place in the summer of ’69, becoming the ultimate gathering for the decade’s peace-promoting, tie-dye-loving hippie subculture. Other hippie touchstones included bell-bottom jeans, fringe vests, and headbands. 1970: Military Surplus With the ongoing controversy surrounding the Vietnam War and the popularity of that year’s war-themed films, M*A*S*H and Patton, men developed a growing interest in military surplus clothing. 1971: Oval Glasses Beatles mania dominated the ’60s and a good portion of the ’70s. The band’s most popular member, John Lennon, embarked on a solo career in 1970, and his single “Imagine” topped the charts that year. A widely influential political activist and an icon of the hippie movement, Lennon’s fashion sense, particularly his oval eyeglasses, was widely adopted by many like-minded youths. 1972: Sideburns Sideburns gained new connotations in the late 1960s and early 1970s among youth subcultures such as hippies and skinheads. Pop culture icons such as Steve McQueen, Burt Reynolds, and Elvis Presley were also famous for the facial hairstyle. Schiffer Pal / Wikimedia Commons 1973: Glam Rock Androgynous glam rock fashion was ultra popular among British and American youth, marked by embroidered Western shirts, platform boots, satin robes, velvet sport coats, and other flashy fabrics and patterns. David Bowie was considered a symbol of the style, especially with his Ziggy Stardust tour, which lasted from 1972-1973. ce U.S. National Archives and Records Administration / Wikimedia Commons 1974: Quasi-European Suit By 1974, American suits started to resemble their European counterparts. They were slimmer, featured padded shoulders, higher arm holes, a smaller waist, open patch pockets, and a small flare to the pants and jacket. 1975: Mood Rings Keeping with the era’s penchant for bohemian philosophies and colorful fashions, mood rings became all the rage when they were created in 1975 by two New York inventors, Josh Reynolds and Maris Ambats. 1976: Punk The aggro-street sensibility of punk fashion roared through the mid-’70s. The Ramones, one of the genre’s pioneers, were a huge style influence in the punk community; on the cover of their self-titled 1976 debut LP, the band wore ripped skinny jeans, low-top sneakers, and black jackets. HammondCase / Wikimedia Commons 1977: Disco Disco fashion is probably one of the most defining trends of the ’70s. The release of iconic 1977 disco film Saturday Night Fever, starring John Travolta, catapulted the style to the masses; soon enough, everyone was wearing colorful three-piece suits characterized by wide lapels, wide-legged or flared trousers, and high-rise waistcoats. 1978: Heavy Metal By the late ’70s, rock music started getting louder, angrier, and more theatrical. Fusing the styles of punk and glam, early metal-heads rocked teased hair, leather vests, studded belts, and headbands, as evidenced by Van Halen’s (masters of the craft, onstage and off) 1978 self-titled debut LP. 1979: Kipper Ties As the ’70s came to a close, clothing started becoming bigger and bolder. Kipper ties, characterized by their extreme breadth and often garish colors and patterns, were a popular accessory, especially with comedians like Max Miller and Jerry Siegal. 1980: Preppy Revival As young career-minded urban professionals began seeping into the workforce, people began expressing disdain towards the laid-back and rebellious attitudes of hippie and punk subcultures. As a result, The Official Preppy Handbook released in 1980, and its success marked the return of throwback Ivy League fashion of the ’50s. 1981: New Wave Punk music eventually morphed into the synth-laden, experimental guitar sounds of New Wave music, whose scene was recognized for its slim-fitting suits, thin neckties in leather or bold patterns, striped T-shirts, Members Only jackets, club-wear, metallic fabric shirts, and androgynous neon-colored makeup. The arrival of MTV in 1981 would usher in New Wave’s most successful era in the United States, with bands like Blondie, Devo, and Simple Minds becoming some of the most successful acts of the decade. Allan Warren / Wikimedia Commons 1982: Athletic Clothing As people continued to move away from the disheveled look of hippie fashion, athletic clothes started replacing jeans and leather. Common items worn were tube socks, velour tracksuits, nylon shorts and sports jerseys. The release of Rocky III also contributed to the interest in sportswear. 1983: Red Leather Jackets Michael Jackson was the ultimate pop icon of the ’80s, trademarking a distinct look and style that would be copied by men and women everywhere. The release of his legendary music videos for “” and “” in 1983 catapulted the sales of red leather jackets everywhere. 1984: Air Jordan In 1984, Nike partnered with basketball player Michael Jordan for its first ever Air Jordan sneaker, the Air Jordan 1. The shoe became an immediate success—and is still worn today. LS Toledo / Wikimedia Commons 1985: Miami Vice American crime drama Miami Vice had one of the most influential impacts on men’s fashion when it debuted in 1984, only to hit peak popularity in 1985. Many cite the show as inventing the “T-shirt under Armani jacket” style as well as popularizing the colorful tailored designs of Italian brands like Giorgio Armani, Gianni Versace, and Vittorio Ricci in American. (Not to mention .) Alan Light / Wikimedia Commons 1986: Safari Jackets A growing interest in exotic travel saw a rise in tropical fashion, such as the safari jacket. The success of 1986’s Crocodile Dundee popularized the outerwear for many American audiences. 1987: Power Suits The release of Wall Street in 1987 provided a strong reflection of the types of suits that were popular among businessmen of the era. Dubbed “power suits,” many were defined by wide pinstripes, double-breasted lapels, broad shoulders, and colors that spanned a range from navy to slightly bluer navy. (To be fair, some enterprising individuals wore gray.) 1988: Hair Metal Drawing heavily from the fashion worn in the glam rock scene of the ’70s, the big-haired stadium rock bands that ruled the hair metal scene were known for their use of make-up, tight denim or leather jeans, spandex and headbands. By 1988, bands like Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Def Leppard, and Poison were considered pioneers of the style. 1989: Doc Martens Goth subculture achieved relative mainstream recognition in the late ’80s thanks to bands like The Cure, who released the chart-topping Disintegration album in 1989. Fashion associated with the genre—chiefly, Doc Martens combat boots—were widely sported by many men and women throughout the ’80s and into the early ’90s. 1990: Parachute Pants MC Hammer’s wildly successful 1991 single “U Can’t Touch This” skyrocketed the popularity of wide-legged pants known as parachute pants, though “Hammer pants” were an exaggerated iteration of the style. 1991: Grunge The raw hard rock sounds of grunge became one of the most popular music scenes of the ’90s. Grunge style was marked by its blatant anti-fashion look, consisting of beat-up flannel, combat boots, droopy wool sweaters, and ripped jeans. Nirvana’s grunge anthem “Smells Like Teen Spirit” pioneered the look when it was released in 1991. 1992: Hip-Hop After the success of 1991’s Boys in the Hood, hip-hop music went mainstream. By 1992, oversized baseball jackets, baggy jeans, bomber jackets, Baja Jackets, and tracksuits were popular among young men as casual wear. 1993: Overalls Baggy cuts were a big fad during the early ’90s, as made famous by the growing influence of hip-hop fashion. Tupac Shakur, Aaliyah, and Will Smith’s character from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air were popular purveyors of overall jeans, which became a defining sartorial touchstone of the genre. Infrogmation / Wikimedia Commons 1994: Pajama Chic The loose fits of business suits and streetwear spawned a style of pajama-tined casual wear that was popular among many Americans. In 1994, Esquire published an article titled “Clark Kent Goes Casual,” which stated: “Lois and Clark’s Dean Cain hangs loose in this spring’s pajama-inspired sportswear, proving that you don’t have to dress like the Man of Steel in the off-hours to look super.” 1995: Modern Preppy Popular ’90s brands like Gap, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger pushed a more minimal, contemporary preppy style that became popular among many young Americans. Solid-colored turtlenecks, khaki chinos, straight-cut denim, and contrast-collar shirts were staples by 1995. Forest and Kim Starr / Wikimedia Commons 1996: Bowling Shirts The 1996 film Swingers played a huge influence on men’s fashion, leading to the popularization of the “dressy casual” look. Bowling shirts, worn untucked, became particularly popular because of the film. 1997: ’70s Revival The United Kingdom’s “Cool Britannia” movement experienced a short but significant run in the United States with the popularity of Brit pop bands like Oasis, Radiohead, and Blur. This resulted in a revival of ’70s fashions: Mod haircuts, aviator sunglasses, denim jackets, Harrington jackets, velvet sport coats, striped shirts, and polo shirts. In March 1997, Vanity Fair published a special edition on Cool Britannia with Oasis’s Liam Gallagher on the cover. 1998: Smart Casual Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, the tech titans of the ’90s, were particularly recognized for their casual business attire, which generally consisted of blazers and turtlenecks paired with jeans, khakis, and white sneakers. Steve Jobs’s outfit when he introduced the iMac at Apple Expo in 1998 would become a poster child for the smart casual look. 1999: Spiky Hair Aside from being a popular hairstyle among boy bands like the Backstreet Boys and N*Sync, spiky hair—often with bleached tips—was also a big style takeaway from 1999’s Fight Club, where Brad Pitt’s character Tyler Durden donned the famous spiky look. 2000: Y2K Fashion The excitement of the new millennium and the popularity of sci-fi films like The Matrix resulted in “futuristic” clothing, consisting of “tech” fabrics, colorful patterns and sportswear in metallic colors. And for some more modern fashion advice, steal these . To discover more amazing secrets about living your best life, to follow us on Instagram! The post appeared first on .
February 07, 2019
While clothes don’t make the man, they sure can make him feel better. Rocking the perfect piece of menswear does more than help you stand out from the crowd—it infuses you with unrivaled confidence, makes you feel like you can conquer the world. Thing is, not all clothes are created equal. While some get-ups can turn heads and make you feel like a king, others can make you look insignificant—and go totally unnoticed. Below we’ve rounded up 20 things you can wear that will put you squarely into the former category and help send your confidence levels into the stratosphere. 1 Leather Jacket and Jeans $550; buy now at No single piece of menswear gives off “Were you talkin’ to me?” vibes like a killer leather jacket. Opt for an always-in-style moto jacket in black or brown, and make sure to follow the golden rule of leather jackets: Keep it slim. You want to look like you just came off the motocross track, not like you stole your dad’s jacket from the closet and snuck out of the house. For best results, pair the jacket with a simple white tee and a pair of beat-up jeans. You’ll feel as strong as you look. 2 The Navy Suit Much to the relief of menswear enthusiasts everywhere, the idea of the over-sized “power suit” was put to death in the ‘90s. Today, the best way to look and feel authoritative at the office is to wear one of the most versatile looks of all time: the (perfectly tailored) navy suit. Unlike black suits—which can actually look brown in certain lighting—navy always looks great and is as appropriate on a date as it is in the office. 3 Aviator Sunglasses If you’re looking for shades that make you look and feel powerful, look no further than the preferred sunglass style of James Bond, Don Draper, and, of course, Top Gun‘s Maverick. Whether you or Draper’s square version, the key to rocking aviators is to make sure they fit your face properly. A lot of guys mistakenly adopt a “bigger is better” policy when it comes to their lenses, making their eyes look cartoonishly big and their faces childishly small in the process. 4 Shawl Collar Cardigan Sweater $298; buy now at A staple in both the real-life wardrobe of Daniel Craig and the movie-magic wardrobe of his James Bond, a confers class and sophistication, both of which help you feel powerful. The key: you’ll want to keep your shawl collars slim. They should fit pretty snugly in the arms and torso, and extend down no further than just below your belt line. Otherwise, you risk looking like Mr. Rogers, who wore his oversized cardigans more like housecoats than sweaters—and, frankly, is the only guy in history who can pull off such a look. 5 A Three Piece Suit If your sensibilities tend toward the classic, think Steve McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair. If you’re more of a modern man, think Tom Hiddleston in, well, anything (on-screen or off). And if your tastes fall anywhere in between those two style icons, then you need to own a three-piece suit. Why the presence of a waistcoat makes men feel even more powerful than they would in a normal suit is somewhat of a mystery. Maybe the extra layer makes you feel more protected, or maybe it just helps hid any extra bulk in the mid-section. Whatever the case, that extra piece is an instant confidence boost. 6 Navy or Grey Peacoat $575; buy now at Popping the collar of your polo will make you look like a first-year pledge who got lost on the way back to Alpha Beta Whatever house. Popping the collar on your peacoat, on the other hand, will evoke menswear icons like James Dean. Who would you back in a fight? Publicity still via IMDb 7 Black Tee with Blue Jeans With all due respect to Agent Mulder, making David Duchovny look tough-as-nails is no easy feat. And yet, for seven seasons, the stylists on Californication did just that by sticking to a simple style principle: black tees always work. Yes, Duchovny is in pretty decent shape for a middle-aged guy, which definitely helped, but he’s not exactly an Avenger—which is exactly the point. By dressing his character, Hank Moody, in a , blue jeans and black boots, they imbued him with an unrivaled, effortless cool. And if the look can work for him, it can probably do wonders for you. 8 Rubber-Soled Leather Boots $395 $213; buy now at If Hank Moody’s black tee and blue jeans had been paired with a pair of Brooks running shoes, he would have looked less like a Porsche-driving tortured writer and more like a minivan-driving suburban dad. Leather boots, on the other hand, instantly offer a shot of testosterone to just about any outfit. Pick up one pair in brown and another in black to add a powerful punctuation point to your look. 9 Camel Topcoat and you’ll instantly stand out from the black and grey masses; wear it over a sweater and some tapered joggers to send the message that, for you, the weekend is no excuse for weak style. 10 Slim-Fit Polo When it comes to , there’s one word that beats all others: “slim.” And with good reason. When your clothes billow out from your body, you look small and insignificant inside them. When they track your arms, shoulders, and torso fairly closely, you look (and more importantly, feel) larger and more powerful. With no piece is this more true than the polo. Find a fit that hugs your arms tightly to help your biceps look bigger, pick up a few colors (black, navy, gray ,and burgundy should all be in your rotation), and start wearing them as soon as the weather warms up. 11 Short-Sleeve Henley Henleys are the perfect power shirt; slightly dressier than a regular tee but less formal than a polo, they convey a cool confidence without seeming stuffy. Of course, thanks to the deep neckline, they’re doubly powerful if you’ve been hitting the gym—and triply if you’ve been maxing out on the bench. And if the sleeves are short, well, that’s just an excuse to show off any guns you’ve sculpted. 12 Double Monk Strap Shoes The preferred shoe style of Italian auto industry tycoons and Manhattan law firm partners, double monks represent a distinct departure from the oxford lace-ups you see in most offices—which is what makes them such a power move. 13 Sharp-Toed Chelsea Boots $220; buy now at The practicality of Chelsea boots is obvious: with an elastic band at the ankles, they slip on easily without having to fuss with laces, which is why you see so many men (and women, for that matter) wearing them. But if you really want to step up your boot game (pun very much intended), , rather than the rounded toe you see most often. You’ll get all the ease and benefit Chelseas provide, but stand out from the Blundstone-wearing crowd. 14 This Do-It-All Outfit One of the most powerful feelings your clothes can provide is the confidence in knowing that, no matter where the day takes you, you’ll be dressed for the occasion. To guarantee the feeling, rock this look, which is neither over- nor underdressed: navy chinos, white button-down, gray blazer (complete with a white pocket square), and high quality leathers (for best results, a simple dress belt and a pair of brogues). For the leathers, you can go black or brown, just be sure they match. Otherwise, . 15 An Unstructured Blue Blazer (with Chinos) Another look that can take you almost anywhere, this potent, timeless combo comes with an air of sophistication. Sticking with an unstructured blazer keeps it from feeling too stuffy, while rocking a modern pair of chinos (best bet: a muted khaki) allow you to evoke Kennedy-level class without going full Martha’s Vineyard. 16 Dark Grey Tweed Blazer I would never give my fiancée the satisfaction of telling this to her face, but I kind of like watching Downton Abbey. Why? Because, while the overwritten melodrama may be hard to stomach, the menswear is often on-point—especially during the hunting scenes. Yes, in 2019, wearing a full-on tweed hunting outfit would make you more like a cosplayer than a player, but you can can evoke the rugged spirit of the look by throwing a well-fitted tweed blazer over a cotton shirt and a good pair of dark denim. Finally, to complete the outfit, throw on some rugged brogue boots. 17 Grey Suede Boots (either Desert Boots or Chelseas) When it comes to footwear, most guys rarely think beyond black and brown, which is what makes grey such a great option. The suede can stand up to both sandy natural environments and grimy city ones, and the grey is versatile enough to pair with any color combo (not to mention hide some of that grime). 18 Bomber Jacket $700; buy now at When Top Gun came out in the mid ’80s, Maverick was the coolest of the cool. When my friends and I watched it for the first time, in the mid ’90s, Maverick was the coolest of the cool. When , he looked totally nuts—but Maverick was still the coolest of the cool. Why? Because, much those aviators he championed, a bomber jacket never goes out of style. Whether you opt for a fur-lined version or the kind with the baseball/varsity-style collar, you can’t go wrong evoking one of the most classic military-inspired looks of all time. 19 Field Jacket Another piece of military-inspired menswear, the field jacket is a must for guys who want their looks to evoke a little adventure (which is to say, pretty much all guys). Originally developed by the U.S. Army in 1943—and redesigned multiple times by both military and civilian designers alike—the field jacket makes you look and feel like you just came returned from a fight on the Western Front, even if all you’re really fighting off is the urge to take an afternoon nap. 20 Tuxedo Unfortunately, in today’s more casual world, opportunities to rock a tux are few and far between. But should you find yourself invited to a wedding or another formal event where black tie is optional, do yourself a favor and just go all out. Who knows when the next chance will come around? There’s no outfit on earth that will make you look or feel more powerful. And for looks to rock this year, check out these As the founder of , Dave shares advice that helps guys use style to stand out from the crowd (and jokes that make his readers wish he’d just stick to advice). To discover more amazing secrets about living your best life, to follow us on Instagram! 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February 07, 2019
Fact: There’s no harder person to shop for than Dad. That’s probably why, year after year, he consistently comes last on the shopping to-do list. And then he gets, what, another novelty tie? Another copy of The People’s History of the United States? (Come on: He already has five.) Something from the Sharper Image he’ll only use once and then discard forever? You can do better—and you know it. So, this year, actually do better. Give your dad the gift that lasts forever: effortless, timeless style. It’s easy. It’s thoughtful. And, with these editor-curated picks—from a smattering of everyday sartorial upgrades to what may very well be the most unique Monopoly board of the century—it’ll take you no time at all to choose a present that’s truly worthy. In other words: You can win the day and still save Dad for last. 1 Brooks Brothers Double-Breasted Cable Cardigan $298; buy now at For a snappy and comfortable alternative to a blazer, consider the cardigan. Yes, yes, we know: cardigans scream “stuffy”—usually. This beauty here, though, is an exception to the rule. A double-breasted cut lends a level of gravitas that no traditional sweater can match, while a sharp shawl collar accentuates the shoulders in the same way a well-tailored suit does. And it does that all without sacrificing the coziness you’d expect from a cable-knit. 2 Stuart and Lau The Cary Briefcase $295; buy now at Help Dad fast-forward into the 21st century with the world’s most surreptitiously intuitive laptop bag. A first glance, it may not look like anything more than your run-of-the-mill stylish messenger. But a closer look reveals all manner of design innovations: an umbrella holder, a barely noticeable folder sleeve, a suitcase clasp, a suave luggage tag. Oh, and it’s all waterproof, too. No bag on the planet is better equipped for the on-the-go man. 3 Hugo Boss Delaware Slim-Fit Stretch-Denim Jeans $155; buy now at Finally, a solution for literal dad jeans! These dark-wash slim-fit jeans from Hugo Boss come with all the looks of a regular pair of denim but are blended with stretch for a bit of essential give. 4 Brooks Brothers Cashmere Scarf $348; buy now at There are scarves. And then there’s this scarf. Where cashmere scarves are diluted with traces of wool or silk, this one is 100-percent crafted out of the good stuff, resulting in a sumptuous fabric that’s soft enough to make any guy swear off lesser neckwear for good. Plus, it’s available in five tastefully reserved colors that are sure to seamlessly mesh with any wardrobe. (Our favorite: The camel.) 5 Shinola Men’s 47mm Runwell Watch $550; buy now at Maybe it’s the vintage-inspired designs. Maybe it’s the vacuum of bells-and-whistles sensibilities. Maybe it’s the room-commanding sizes (this one’s a hulking 47mm, for instance). There’s just something about Shinola watches that dads everywhere can’t seem to resist. 6 Dalton Cordovan Dress Boots $725; buy now at There isn’t a type of leather on the planet softer or tougher than cordovan. It’s like running your fingers over butter…that happens to be bulletproof. And it’s been found in the wild when used in a handsome burgundy dress boot—like this pair, from Allen Edmonds, which goes with every outfit and will literally be part of your dad’s shoe repertoire forever. (If a shoe gets beat up, for a small fee, the company will “restore” it to like-new condition.) 7 Cole Haan Grand Pro Tennis Sneaker $150; buy now at It’s a thing that happens when men reach a certain age: They get lazy with their footwear. Looks fall by the wayside, and comfort takes front-and-center. Cole Haan’s insanely plush, burnished leather sneakers—which are just as comfortable as they are stylish—are the antithesis of that. 8 J.Crew Icon Classic Denim Jacket $98; buy now at Now that they’re officially back for good, you can never go wrong with a good denim jacket. J. Crew’s option is your best bet: it already comes with that vintage, worn-in feel that makes denim outerwear so great. It’s a little baggier than most, too, so it’s a perfect gift if your dad isn’t fond of the aging-rocker look. 9 Brooks Brothers 200th Anniversary Monopoly Game $198; buy now at To celebrate their bicentennial, Brooks Brothers joined forces with another vaunted American institution: Monopoly. The result is a customized version of the iconic board game, done up in a Brooks Brothers theme. Instead of New York Avenue, for instance, you land on “Polo Coat.” And, in the penultimate board spot, instead of getting slammed $75 for a luxury tax, the fee goes toward “tailoring” instead. The whole thing comes in a handsome, sturdy wooden box that, if treated with care, should keep the game in tip-top shape until the company’s tricentennial rolls around. 10 Ray-Ban Aviator Classic $153; buy now at There’s a reason Ray-Ban’s classic aviators are the planet’s most iconic sunglasses: they look great with any outfit, on any guy, at any age. (Truly, is there an accessory more chronically versatile?) 11 Nice Laundry Sock Drawer Subscription $99; buy now at It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Every year, dad will receive a box loaded up with 18 pairs of socks (16 mid-thigh and lavishly designed; 2 no-show). 12 Vuori Jackson Stretch Hoodie $126; buy now at Fit for mid-winter workouts or lazy-Sunday leisure, this hoodie, from Vuori, comes with a stretchy knitted fabric, for maximum comfort. 13 The Art of Shaving Travel Shaving Kit With Morris Park Razor $95; buy now at For the jet-setting dad, here’s the perfect gift: it has has everything (creams, razors, even a shaving brush) a man needs to stay well-groomed when away from home base. Bonus: it’s packaged together in a handsome, compact dopp kit that will snugly fit in any carry-on. 14 Stuart and Lau The Cardholder $65; buy now at It’s a good bet your dad has a well-worn billfold that’s stuffed to capacity. So help him tidy up his wallet with a sleek card holder. This one, from Stuart and Lau, has a cleverly designed bottom cut-out to allow for easy access to cards. 15 Vocier C38 Cabin Luggage Garment Bag $595; buy now at Finally, an easy solution to traveling with a suit. Vocier’s sleek cabin luggage has a built-in garment bag. And bona fide weekenders will no doubt love the easy-access dopp kit pocket, which is sure to minimize time spent at security. 16 Ecridor Lignes Urbains Ballpoint, by Caran D’Ache $150; buy now at The fountain pen: it’s regal, classy, and oozes dad-worthy gravitas. It’s also wildly inconvenient. But you can score all of those awesome aspects and still shirk bothersome inkwells, by picking up a well-crafted writing utensil, like this palladium-coated pen. The result is the type of pen that’s as permanent as ink. 17 John Varvatos Reverse Suede Belt $278; buy now at Yes, it’s the oldest gift in the book. But if you spring for a fun twist on a belt—like this one, which features distressed suede and an antiqued nickel buckle—you’ll buck trends while hewing to tradition, all in one go. To discover more amazing secrets about living your best life, to follow us on Instagram! The post appeared first on .
November 21, 2018
Want to give the gift of style this holiday season? Enter your email address below for a chance to win this sumptuous leather Brooks Brothers duffel (retail value: $800!), along with the all-new book, Brooks Brothers: 200 Years of American Style (retail value: 50!). Founded in 1818 (back when the only available suits were custom-made), Brooks Brothers, by producing the world’s first ready-to-wear tailoring, paved the way for men’s style as we know it. They’ve been the clothing of choice for everyone from Golden Era movie stars and zeitgeist-defining artists. But no one seems to love Brooks Brothers more than U.S. presidents: Of the 45 men who’ve held the office, 40 have worn Brooks Brothers suits. To commemorate two illustrious centuries of envelope-pushing style, Brooks Brothers joined forces with Rizzoli—the high-end Italian publishing house responsible for some of the world’s most stunning art and photography books—to produce Brooks Brothers: 200 Years of American Style. Crack the tome open, and you’ll experience a museum-worthy deep dive into the rich history of America’s most storied clothier. Yes, it’s the rare coffee table book that won’t just sit there and gather dust. And then there’s the bag. If you drafted a Venn diagram of “FASHIONABLE” and “FUNCTIONAL,” this work of art would live smack in the middle. Sure, at first glance, it may look like little more than your standard (albeit extremely well-crafted) leather duffel. But the craftsmen at Brooks Brothers hand-selected the material from a crop of genuine Italian calfskin. (For leather to be deemed “genuine Italian,” it goes through a stringent, board-certified process, meaning it’s as equal parts soft as butter and sturdy as as a rock.) Plus, the thing’s practically bottomless. It’s the type of bag that’ll get you there and back again—with room for countless pitstops along the way. For the loved ones in your life, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better way to give the gift of holiday style than this dynamic duo. Enter your name and email below for a chance to win. to see our terms and conditions. And for more amazing ways to lavish your loved ones with great style gifts, don’t miss The post appeared first on .
November 14, 2018
If you’re among the individuals who purchased the 450 million pairs of blue jeans sold in America this year, zipping up is part of your everyday routine. However, despite the ubiquity of this design element, many of us don’t know a whole lot about why zippers look the way that they do. Now, the rationale behind the actual zip-zip part is simple: zippers make it fast and easy to get in and out of clothing. Better yet, the interlocking teeth in a zipper, when run through a zipper pull, are a strong means of holding clothing together, without taking up the space (or having the aesthetic pitfalls) that bulky buttons do. Zippers also use less metal than your average button, meaning that denim manufacturers who swapped button-fly designs for zip-close ones could enjoy some extra savings on the production side, too. But what about the zipper pull itself? That tiny hole in the tab on the end of your zipper pull has If you’ve ever had a stuck zipper, you’re probably well aware of the frustration of trying to grip that tiny piece of metal, only to have it slip out of your fingers time and time again. That’s where the hole in your zipper comes in. If you need a bit more force with which to pull your zipper, you can thread a string or thin piece of fabric through the hole. Give that string a tug and, thanks to physics, voila! Your zipper becomes unstuck—and you haven’t sacrificed the skin on your fingertips to do it. Even cooler, if you press that metal ring flat against your zipper’s metal teeth, it locks in place, meaning you won’t ever accidentally be caught in a rare X-Y-Z (for the uninitiated, that stands for “examine your zipper,” as in: it’s down) situation again. To discover more amazing secrets about living your best life, to follow us on Instagram! The post appeared first on .
November 07, 2018
Whether you’re 25 or 55, your clothing is an essential part of your look, especially when it comes to determining your age. Sure, glowing skin and and a flawless physique can indicate you’re in a certain, enviable age range. But an ill-fitting blazer or an outdated pair of “mom” or “dad” jeans can instantly date you—and, in many cases, it’ll do so unfavorably and incorrectly. Yes, if you’re of the mind to either look younger or just actually look your age, streamlining your wardrobe should be step number one. Here, to offer an editor’s eye of what to curate and what to outright cut, are all the clothing choices you’re inadvertently making that are instantly tacking years onto your age. Get your Marie Kondo on, friend. 1 You’re wearing shapeless blazers. Streamlining your figure isn’t doing you any favors—and yes, this includes those oversized blazers that you love so much. More than anything, those formless blazers leave you with no silhouette—with no way to show off that body that you’ve worked so hard to maintain over the years. So, instead of reaching for your beloved blazer, turn to a more fitted blazer with colorful accents. 2 You don’t tailor your clothes. It’s a fact of all clothing: professionally altered digs look better than unaltered ones, always, no matter how vaunted the sartorial pedigree. In other words, yes, a tailored $300 Men’s Warehouse suit will look infinitely better than a fresh-off-the-rack Hugo Boss one. Now, a high-quality, bespoke tailor can of course get expensive. But, for simple alterations—to, say, get your shirts darted or jackets taken in—the in-house one at your local dry cleaner will do the trick. It depends on your city and even neighborhood, but alterations like that shouldn’t run more than $20 to $35 a piece. 3 You wear the same clothes repeatedly. It happens to everyone: you fall into a dreaded sartorial rut. To stay excited about your wardrobe, keep in the habit of alternating out the staples with the hidden gems in your closet. Just one statement item a day should do the trick. And, if you’re willing to invest in a wardrobe that makes you feel great, purchasing clothing on a regular basis will boost your confidence as well as your wardrobe. 4 You wear drugstore readers. While, yes, with age comes the burden of weakened eyesight, it doesn’t also have to come with ugly drugstore readers. If you’re truly looking to purchase readers, steer clear of skinny, cheap frames, and opt for bigger, more bold frames to highlight your face. 5 You dress too revealingly. Though you should still take pride in your figure, showing it off through sexy clothing will only make you look like you’re trying too hard to find a younger version of yourself. Instead of celebrating your body through a series of crop tops and tight dresses, find clothing that complements your features in more appropriate and adult-worthy ways. 6 You only wear black. Attention all : your city’s dress code might seem to warrant a wardrobe of black from head to toe, but doesn’t mean that you need to follow suit. Have fun. Infuse some color—or even some grayscale patterns—into your daily getup. 7 You wear retro clothing without a modern twist. If you’re of the older set, attempting to wear the same clothes that you did back in the day is only going to immediately age you. But if you’re a fashion-forward younger person looking to hark back to the days of your, simply shopping at the bargain bin of your local thrift is a huge no-no. To nail the retro look, you’ll need not retro clothes but retro-inspired clothes. Otherwise, it just looks like you’re playing dress-up. 8 Your skirts are too long. No matter your age, you should have the right to flaunt your legs proudly in a colorful skirt. Or a solid-black one. Your call. No need to wear something that goes inches past the knee. 9 Your bra doesn’t fit. If you’ve come this far and you’re still wearing the wrong bra size, then you’ve missed out on decades of comfort and support. Not only that but finding the right bra size can be transformative for your wardrobe, which will finally be perfectly suited for your figure. 10 Your jeans have too much stretch. While wearing super-tight skinny jeans isn’t always the most age-appropriate staple to keep in your wardrobe, the opposite option, , can prove to be even more devastating to your figure. Opting for form-fitting jeans will keep your look fresh and streamlined. 11 You wear jersey fabric. Wearing jersey fabric—the kind of draping fabric made out of wool, cotton, and synthetic fabrics—has the ability to accentuate every curve and inch of your body that you may not want to enhance. 12 You wear turtlenecks. Even if you’re feeling the need to stay warm during the colder months, a turtleneck only tells the rest of the world that you’re attempting to use the extra inches of fabric to hide something. Not only that, but the turtleneck streamlines your look, creating a straight line from your head to your toes. 13 You avoid wearing shapewear. Along the same lines, it seems that you’ve been avoiding wearing any kind of clothing that forms to your figure. To avoid this, give your figure a rebirth of sorts by wearing shapewear like Spanx, that can essentially smooth over the lines of age and time, allowing a clean figure to show through anything you wear. 14 You wear chunky heels. Unless you’re attending a black-tie event, wearing chunky heels will only make you look like you’re attempting to turn back the clock. Not only that, but this can make the bottom half of your body look heavier. For occasions that require a heel, it’s best to stick to those with a point to keep your look proportional. 15 You tie a silk scarf around your neck. Especially if have already made their way to your neck, a scarf tied around your neck will only draw attention to these imperfections. And, as we’ve already discussed, will work against streamlining your figure, making your top-half look heavier. 16 You’re wearing the wrong size. Whether you’ve been the same size for the past twenty years or you’ve recently received some unexpected numbers on the scale, working to find the correct size for your frame is incredibly important. Wearing ill-fitting clothing will only make you look frumpy, and therefore, age your look. 17 You don’t wear belts. Even if your pants or jeans don’t require the addition of a belt, adding a stylish belt will draw attention to your waist and add shape to your outfit. In fact, for the days you feel daring enough to slip on a maxi dress or miniskirt, a belt can have the same effect. 18 You wear the wrong silhouette. Every body is built differently, making it essential for you to find the clothing that complements your figure. For example, if your body is more pear-shaped (meaning heavier on the bottom), then you should work to slim the bottom half of your body by wearing slimmer pants in darker shades. 19 You wear the wrong colors. Similar to an understanding of the clothing choices that complement your body shape, it’s essential to know which colors can brighten your complexion. To find out what colors you look best in, following guides, like created by the experts at InStyle, will help you accentuate your natural skin tone. 20 You wear pearls. Regardless of whether or not you’re hosting multiple dinner parties a week, you should avoid dressing like a Stepford wive, as one pearl necklace has the ability to age you significantly. Instead, opt for chic silver accessories that prove to be timeless. 21 You wear clothes with glitter. This should go without saying, but wearing any article of clothing made of glitter is only going to give the impression to others that you’re attempting to dress younger and sexier. This desperation to access your younger self is sure to age you more than you may realize. In short: steer clear of glitter at all costs. 22 You wear large prints. Unfortunately, loud, large prints should be reserved for a younger generation who can pull of this look. As an older adult, wearing these large prints can overwhelm your figure and draw attention to the part of your body where they reside. However, if you still feel the need to bust out those floral leggings, then tone down the look by pairing the leggings with a neutral color like white or black. 23 You wear store-brand logos. Wearing brand logos that are usually associated with teens, like , will only make it appear as though you are trying to access your younger self. As a rule of thumb, while it’s perfectly acceptable to wear clothing from teen brands, you’ve crossed a line when you proudly display a brand’s logo on any of your clothing. 24 You don’t dress proportionately. Failing to dress proportionately can draw attention to parts of your body that you didn’t intend to showcase. In order to dress more proportionately (and age-appropriate), follow this rule: when wearing a flowy top, opt for a more skinny silhouette on the bottom half of your body—and go for the opposite effect as well when wearing a more constricting top. 25 You wear the wrong underwear. Just like wearing the wrong bra size will only misrepresent your body’s proportions, refusing to wear underwear that fit or correspond to the outfit you’re wearing (like black underwear with a semi-sheer dress) will only age you. Even worse, wearing “granny panties” or worn briefs will do you no favors once the clothes come off. 26 You wear tweed. Even if you’re attempting to pull off the professor look, wearing tweed is never a great idea for those under the age of, oh, 80 (especially if it’s equipped with elbow patches). Not only that, but the fabric can add inches to your figure, making you appear heavier than you truly are. So, rather than slip on a tweed suit, opt for a linen-blend or 120s-wool pick that slims and streamlines your appearance. 27 You wear cardigans. Along the same lines as tweed, throwing on a cardigan to finish your look can instantly age you, as it’s normally an article of outerwear designated for older men and women. So, to avoid adding another decade to your appearance, opt instead for a nice denim jacket or a fitted blazer. 28 You only wear sensible shoes. No other accessory adds more years to look than . And, while flats can be a useful pair of shoes to keep around, add more dimension to your outfit by opting for stylish boots, heels, and loafers. 29 You wear “mom” or “dad” jeans. While these retro jeans may be in favor with a more younger crowd, they only make it look like you pulled these jeans from the darkest corners of your closet (which you might have, right?). For women, if you’re craving a high waisted look, opt instead for slim-fitting jeans that hit somewhere in between your belly button and hips. For men, on the other hand, steer clear of baggy dad jeans that can make you lose your shape entirely. 30 You constantly wear socks and sneakers. While the occasion day clad in socks and sneakers is perfectly acceptable, pairing this combination with nearly every article of clothing in your wardrobe is definitely a fashion faux-pas. Even worse, pairing your sneakers with tall socks makes you look childish and well out of your age-appropriate fashion repertoire. 31 You wear too many accessories. While wearing a few staple accessories can be a chic complement to any outfit, piling on multiple (and different kinds of) accessories can make your look seem unorganized. In fact, this accessory obsession is sure to instantly age you, since the cluttered look only works to hide your figure. 32 You wear floral prints. Even though floral prints can prove to be chic in moderation, in excess, they only make others think that you’re trying to access a younger version of yourself—one that would have gladly worn large floral prints from head to toe. When the chance to rock a floral pattern seems too good to pass up, simply keep the pattern in check by adding outwear or other accessories in complementing colors. 33 You wear boot cut jeans. Repeat after me: boot cut jeans are never a good idea. The shape of these jeans only work to make your frame appear more short and squat—two things that will only work against you in your older age. Instead, sticking to slim-fitting denim in cooler colors will work to slim your figure and keep eyes away from your legs and focused on to other parts of your body that you want to showcase. 34 You wear cargo shorts. No matter how old you are (or how much you love the idea of pocket storage), wearing cargo shorts breaks every fashion rule in the book. 35 You wear square-toed shoes. Just…no. This is an absolute faux pas, always, all times. The post appeared first on .
November 05, 2018
Nobody knows better than you do. After all, the two of you share a life and home together, and—both for better and for worse—you spend pretty much every waking moment in one another’s company. However, despite the long hours logged together, that doesn’t always mean picking the perfect present for your husband is an easy feat. Sure, you might know his passions and pastimes, but that doesn’t mean that you can just find the with the snap of your fingers—doing so requires an inordinate amount of time, and you don’t exactly have any to spare. So, what’s a person to do when their husband’s birthday rolls around? Instead of getting him yet another gift certificate that will go unused, pause for a moment, take a deep breath, and check out this list of great gifts for your husband. Whether your husband is a sports fanatic or a haute homme, our list of the best birthday gifts is sure to have something he’ll love. And for more amazing shopping inspiration, check out the Image via Neiman Marcus 1 Slim Leather Bifold Wallet $315; buy now at Let’s face it: Your husband isn’t going to go out and buy himself a new wallet, even if his current billfold is literally falling apart at the seams. Use your husband’s birthday as an opportunity to finally replace his washed-up wallet with this sleek piece from Montblanc, made of full-grain cowhide and featuring six card slots perfect for housing not only his credit cards, but all that miscellany he seems to be incapable of parting with. Image via Apple 2 Series 4 Apple Watch Starts at $399; buy now at The is so much more than just a timepiece. Of course, this futuristic electronic device will gladly tell you the time, but it can also , make phone calls, and safely submerge underwater. Yes, this digital wrist accessory can do it all—and then some. And if you’re looking for great gifts for yourself, give your SO this list of the Image via Sharper Image 3 Heated Shaving Cream Dispenser $40; buy now at Though this heated shaving cream dispenser will technically be a gift for your spouse, you’ll most definitely enjoy using it just as much as he does. All you have to do is pop your can of shaving cream into the machine and within a few minutes, your soon-to-be-smooth skin will be covered in warm cream for a Image via Crate and Barrel 4 Milk Frother $120; buy now at For those men who start every morning with a strong , the Nespresso milk frother is practically heaven sent. With this , your husband will be able to whip up everything from cold froth to hot milk, creating his signature coffee drink right at home in no time. Image via Sir Jacks 5 Stag Horn Whiskey Flight $629; buy now at Gift him a small piece of Scotland this year with a handcrafted stag horn whiskey flight. Pricey though it is, not many men are able to say that they own a made out of real stag horn—and your husband will be thankful that he’s among the few who can. Image via Shinola 6 Limited Edition Rambler 600 Shinola Watch $1,325; buy now at This limited-edition watch from Detroit-based luxury brand Shinola is built with the fast pace of life in mind. Inspired by Craig Breedlove, the first man to break the 400, 500, and 600 MPH land-speed records on wheels, this timepiece is the brand’s first to include both a stopwatch function and features that can measure speed according to time. Image via Brooks Brothers 7 Black Leather Duffle Bag $748; buy now at For the husband who spends as much time as he does at home, nothing beats a reliable duffle bag. Fortunately, Brooks Brothers’ soft pebble leather and twill-lined tote is all that, and more: it’s just as stylish as it is sturdy. Image via Williams Sonoma 8 Wood Fired Pizza Oven $300; buy now at Meet the world’s first portable pizza oven. In just 10 minutes, this on-the-go grill reaches 932°F and in another 60 seconds, it will have an authentic and fresh wood-fired pizza ready for consumption. Image via Amazon 9 Pressurized Craft Beer Growler $169; buy now at This growler is the perfect birthday gift for any man who loves artisanal alcohols. Should your husband decide he wants to take some of his favorite craft brew home from the brewery, he can use this pressurized growler to keep that beer cold, fresh, and perfectly carbonated for up to two weeks. Image via Everlane 10 Twill Weekender Bag $98; buy now at There’s no need to be gentle when it comes to this weekender tote from Everlane. Thanks to its water-resistant and durable twill fabric, this bag can handle whatever your husband throws its way, making it the perfect bag for overhead airplane bins and dirty gym clothes alike. Image via Nordstrom Watch Movement Cuff Links $250; buy now at Take your husband’s up a notch with these golden gear cuff links from Ox and Bull Trading Co. Each pair of intricate cuff links is constructed out of real watch parts—and if you’re lucky, your husband’s pair might just be one of the fortunate few that still ticks. Image via All Birds 12 Wool Sneakers $95; buy now at Odds are that you’ve already seen quite a few people trekking around in these . On the surface, they’re just like any other sneaker—but dig a little deeper, and you’ll find that their soft merino sheep’s wool insole and low-density, lightweight sole make them the ultimate everyday shoe. Image via Bose 13 Wireless Headphones $150; buy now at When your husband is he shouldn’t have to stop mid-workout to untangle his headphones or put his earbuds back into place. That’s where the Bose SoundSport headphones come in. These wireless buds are designed specially to fit snugly in every ear, and they’ll stay put no matter how strenuous the workout. Image via Bonobos 14 Collar Golf Sweater $128; buy now at Your golf-loving gent struggles to give up the game once the crisp air rolls in— but now he doesn’t have to. With this simple pullover sweater from Bonobos, your husband will be able to make the most of his time on the green, no matter how low the temperature dips. Image via PGA Tour Superstore 15 Double Bend Sightline Putter $300; buy now at Though he probably already thinks he plays like a PGA Tour professional, it’s safe to assume that there’s quite a bit of room for improvement when it comes to your husband’s . Of course, practice is the only surefire way to achieve perfection, but this TaylorMade putter designed with added stability and aim certainly doesn’t hurt, either. (Pro tip: If he’s over 5′ 11″, remember to buy the 35-inch putter, not the 34-inch.) Image via Amazon 16 Wireless Meat Thermometer $90$57; buy now at Give your husband the in the 21st century with a wireless meat thermometer. This hassle-free device can detect the temperatures of food from up to 300 feet away, so you can both say goodbye to standing over that steak like a helicopter parent. Image via Amazon 17 Dressing the Man: Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion $34.61; buy now at Your guy may have his own sense of style, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he always feels confident he’s nailed his look. Enter: Dressing the Man. This easy guide to honing his fashion sense and finding a style that works for him will have him looking (and feeling) like a million bucks in no time. Image via Mark and Graham 18 Leather Charger Roll Up $49; buy now at Tell your husband to say goodbye to tangled headphones and cords. This small leather roll-up pouch features three separate pockets exclusively for cable and charger storage—and it’s just as fashionable as it is functional. Oh, and you even get the option to customize your husband’s pouch with a foil-debossed monogram—all for just $49. Image via Amazon 19 Heated Toilet Seat $110; buy now at Between the heated seat and the built-in LED light, this technological toilet seat is a gift that any man will appreciate. In fact, don’t be surprised if, when you install this toilet seat, you find that your husband suddenly thinks it’s the best seat in the house. Image via Samsonite 20 Leather Flap Briefcase $249; buy now at This classic flap briefcase from Samsonite can truly do it all. For instance: On its side, you’ll find a leather tag that can be removed and used as a luggage tag for travel. Oh, and did we mention that that tag also has a bottle opener on it? When we say do it all, we mean do it all. Image via AHA Life 21 Globe Whiskey Decanter $50; buy now at Spin this globe decanter around and around and watch in admiration as your precious liquids take a trip from coast to coast. And there’s no need to worry about those spins ruining that beautiful Bordeaux—on the contrary, the design of this decanter actually makes it so that spinning the globe serves to aerate them and embolden their flavors. Image via Barney's 22 Travel Shave Kit $50; buy now at When he’s , the last thing your husband wants to worry about is potentially losing his expensive shaver—so make his life easier and gift him this travel kit curated by Harry’s, equipped with all his shaving needs. Image via Zappos 23 Chukka Boots $139; buy now at Lined with flannel for cozy weekend lounging, yet sleek enough to dress up for a trip outside, these TOMS chukka boots are the perfect gift for any husband who refuses to sacrifice comfort for fashion. Image via Sonos 24 Smart Wireless Speakers $199; buy now at Stream Spotify and listen to your favorite podcast on this smart speaker from SONOS. It’s equipped with the latest technology, so all your husband has to do is tell his speaker what he wants to hear and his wish will subsequently be granted. Image via Uncommon Goods 25 Beer-Drinking Board Game $35; buy now at Behold the ultimate “drinking” game in every sense of the word. With bottle caps for game pieces and challenges that involve everything from dance-offs to drinking (of course), this boozed-up version of your typical is the perfect gift for any man with a love for all things beer. Image via Uncommon Goods 26 New York Times Custom Basketball Book $72; buy now at In between NBA seasons, your husband will still have something sports-related to occupy his time with in this custom basketball book, filled with clips of some of the New York Times’ best sports coverage from over the years. Image via Zappos 27 Brooks Ghost Running Shoes $120; buy now at Don’t just take our word when we say that these are some of the shoes around. These sneakers have a stellar five-star rating on shoe retailer site Zappos, and customers have described them as everything from “just perfect” to “the most comfortable shoe I have worn in years.” The Kooples 28 Plaid Overshirt $485; buy now at Every man should have at least one plaid staple in his closet for those crisp autumn months. If your husband has yet to find his perfect plaid piece, then surprise him for his birthday with this classic overshirt from the Kooples—it’s cozy, comfortable, and meshes well with the neutral tones of most men’s fall wardrobes. Image via Me Undies 29 His And Her Undies Prices vary; buy now at Maybe your husband refuses to wear those matching Christmas sweaters you bought a few holidays back, but how can he say no to wearing matching underwear? The only people ever seeing these undergarments will be the two of you (hopefully), so they make for a great inside joke that will crack you both up time and time again. Image via Happy Socks 30 Mix Socks Gift Box $42; buy now at Give him the gift of expression this year with these colorful patterned socks à la Happy Socks. Though they’re bold and bright, these socks are hidden just enough that they can still be worn as a subtle splash of color to even the most mundane of offices. To discover more amazing secrets about living your best life, to sign up for our FREE daily newsletter! The post appeared first on .
November 05, 2018
Ask anyone with a vested interest in women’s fashion and they’ll tell you: styles change at the drop of a hat. High-waisted jeans that seemed au courant on a Monday are yesterday’s news by the end of the week, and that fedora you proudly topped your outfit with just a few months ago has suddenly become such an embarrassment you’ve scrubbed your social media of any trace of it. However, while the wearability of some trendy pieces may wax and wane, great fabrics, designs, and fits never truly go out of style. Fortunately, today you can find stylish pieces at a wide variety of price points everywhere from your local mall to high-end designer stores. With that in mind, we’ve assembled a list of the best fashion brands for women over 40, from mass-market retailers to boutiques sure to help you score the perfect piece. 1 Banana Republic Wool-Cotton Blend Duster Cardigan Sweater $159; buy now at Banana Republic remains a women’s staple for good reason: Their clothes are of good quality, have a light touch on trends, and are at an accessible enough price point that everyone can snag a little BR for their own wardrobe. Example A: This light grey, wool-cotton blend sweater duster jacket, which can be worn alone, over a dress, or paired perfectly with a white tee and straight-leg jeans. 2 Cinq A Sept Lisette Dress $495; buy now at The New York-based label’s French name is emblematic of what the line is about: The hours between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Filled with cocktail numbers, smart separates, and some more billowy blouses, Cinq a Sept is ideal for after-work events. For example, the Lisette Dress strikes a balance between romantic and edgy, and can be styled with heels, flats, or even sneakers for a casual weekend outing. 3 Aday Turn It Up Pant $125; buy now at This eco-friendly fashion collection is designed to help you keep a well-edited closet that consists of essential staples made from technical fabrics that’ll last you through the entire day—and night, too. The Turn It Up Pant is a tapered trouser available in a range of shades including navy, black, and charcoal, and looks power-suit ready—but no one has to know the waistband is made of only elastic. 4 Ann Taylor Ruffle V-Neck Blouse $90; buy now at Featuring a slew of flattering dresses, skirts, and separates, Ann Taylor’s versatile pieces are known to mix and match particularly well together. Take this ruffle v-neck blouse in romantic pink, which works well with a sharp pencil skirt, more casual denim, and especially when dressed up with a choker-style statement necklace that the blouse frames flawlessly. 5 Cuyana Classic Structured Leather Coat $195; buy now at With timeless apparel and accessories favorited by the fashion insider set, Cuyana is known its for high-quality craftsmanship and for its affordable cult favorites. Make a beeline straight for the classic structured leather tote bag, which has earned legions of celebrity fans for its durability, affordability, and the cool interior/exterior color combinations the style is offered in. 6 Universal Standard Dukono Thumbhole Sweater $130; buy now at Created for all women (sizes range between 6 and 32), Universal Standard provides utilitarian-chic pieces at a fair price. Stock up on staples, like clean-lined pants and classic sweaters. Right now, the Dukono Thumbhole Sweater—made of 100 percent merino wool—has both a cozy and sexy vibe, thanks to the extended sleeve length, and, as the name suggests, thumbholes. Plus, it’s available in both black and navy for easy styling. 7 StyleSaint Ava Lace Pencil Skirt $98; buy now at StyleSaint offers lacy, romantic, and sustainable fabrics that are both stylish and affordable, yet forgiving in their cut. The Ava Lace Pencil Skirt, which is available in four separate color schemes, clocks in at under $100 while looking like it’s worth $1 million thanks to the flawless tailoring and elegant, just-below-the-knee hemline. 8 Mango Faux Shearling Hooded Coat $229; buy now at This Spanish retailer has enlisted stars like Scarlett Johannson and Kate Moss to be the faces of their high-style fashion line with more daring pieces that fit a trend without going too far. Take this season’s must have coat: the teddy-style shearling, which Mango offers in a classic tan color but has also topped off with a hood for the ultimate winter warmer. 9 Zara Leather Look Biker Jacket $70; buy now at This fast-fashion star produces items that look like high-end designer pieces that are actually a fraction of the cost. With a dark, neutral palette and an easy-to-shop app complete with merch drops twice weekly, Zara’s a must-have for every woman’s shopping list. Take their leather-look biker jacket, which is both incredibly affordable and incredibly versatile. Come the ideas of winter, try layering it under another coat for an added style boost. 10 La Ligne Marin Turtleneck $325; buy now at With a focus on all things striped, this young brand is known for its updated basics: Think sailor tees, wide-legged trousers, and perfectly crisp blouses. The Marin Turtleneck is a premium example of all things La Ligne: made with a seven-ply wool-cashmere blend, a flowing cut, and perfectly placed stripes, this sweater will last you for a slew of seasons to come. 11 AYR The Bomb Pop $225; buy now at Abbreviated for All Year Round, any of these season-less items will never fall to the back of your closet rotation thanks to their versatility. Bonus points if you shop the Top 5 and Waitlisted sections of the site, which show what’s popular at the moment. The Bomb Pop jeans, for example, look like that perfect pair of vintage denim tucked away in your jeans drawer, but are actually constructed to help smooth any lumps and bumps up top while leaving just enough space around the ankle to strike the balance between casual and incredibly tailored. 12 Trouve Double Sided Check Blanket Scarf $39; buy now at This in-house line for Nordstrom is full of workwear staples and weekend favorites like soft sweaters, oversized scarves, and tailored trousers. This double-sided wonder appears like a neutral plaid, but with pops of bright green, makes for the perfect statement accessory to an otherwise simple outfit. 13 White House Black Market Faux Pearl-Trim Tweed Topper $220; buy now at White House Black Market has always consistently offered both modern and affordable pieces that feature clean lines, classic shapes, and a simple color palette of which its name attests. This pearl-trimmed, faux tweed topper looks like it could be Chanel, but is a fraction of the price, and can be worn with the matching skirt in a suit set, or paired with a tee, skinny denim, and kitten-heeled mules. 14 Chico’s Sueded Skirt $119; buy now at Forget any old notion of Chico’s feeling stodgy: The store, is in fact, full of chic dresses in cool patterns that are extremely well priced—and ones you won’t feel bad ditching after a season or two. This suede skirt, constructed in a neat A-line style and of the richest camel hue, is flattering on every body type and incredibly affordable when compared to similar styles. 15 Comptoir des Cotonniers Velvet Blazer Noir $226; buy now at Got breathing room in your budget? Look no further than Comptoir des Cotonniers, which is full of iconic pieces in sumptuous materials like cashmere and silk. This brand-new velvet blazer is incredibly soft to the touch, figure flattering for those with bigger busts (thanks to the single-breasted cut), and wearable by itself or under other coats, too. 16 Aqua Twist-Front Cashmere Sweater $178; buy now at Bloomingdales’ in-house collection strikes the right note between classic and trendy, offering up a plethora of styles, most of which clock it at under $200. Take this brand-new twist front cashmere sweater, which is literally at the epicenter of timelessness—thanks to the fabrication—and trends, thanks to the cool cut. 17 Gap Long Sleeve A-Line Dress with Zip Pockets in Boucle $70; buy now at No need to elaborate here—the Gap is an American classic that makes impossibly comfortable jeans, cozy sweaters, and cotton tees that are oh so soft, too. This grey boucle dress has a swingy fit, a comfortable feel, and best of all, zipped-up pockets on both sides to stash your cell phone, license, work ID, and more. 18 Eileen Fisher Velvet Bias Skirt $278; buy now at Packed full of beautifully designed wardrobe essentials, the Eileen Fisher collection had one goal in mind when it first launched, which it carries through today: to make getting dressed easier. This bias calf-length skirt, made in sumptuous velvet, falls elegantly on every body type and looks just as good with a cotton tank as it does with a silk blouse. 19 Old Navy Tie-Belt Flutter-Sleeve Faux-Wrap Dress for Women $36; buy now at The affordable sister of the Gap is known for bottom-barrel prices, but that doesn’t mean its staples aren’t of good quality: Many shoppers swear by their Old Navy items as being some of the longest lasting pieces in their closets. For example, this flutter-sleeved dress is incredibly flattering, features a faux wrap style for ease of wear, and only looks like it cost a small fortune. 20 Cos Long-Sleeved Leather Dress $490; buy now at Inspired by the art and design worlds, the Cos collection is comprised of updated classics that’ll last beyond seasons. Fabrics including silk-cotton blends along with a moody color palette make this a creative type’s dream collection. For example, this leather, long-sleeved sheath will become a contemporary staple and looks both elegant and edgy without being too over the top. 21 MM La Fleur The Ryann Dress — Light Twill $240; buy now at Created as a wardrobe solution for professional women, the MM La Fleur line features styles with the impeccable tailoring of a designer fashion house–think silk crepe pieces—but with the price tag of otherwise high-street options. This structurally sculptured shift dress has inverted pleats at the neck and waist to create the most flattering visual possible. 22 Coldwater Creek Vest for All Seasons $80; buy now at Ponte knits, classic coats, and even women’s swimsuits are a must from Coldwater Creek, which is easily shopped and carries a wide range of sizes to boot. One of the best for the upcoming season is the aptly named Vest for All Season, which is available in a range of colors and can be styled a slew of different ways. For a welcome pop of color, try the cornflower blue. Or stick with their muted white to keep things demure. 23 J. Crew Long-Sleeve Flouncy-Hem Dress in Painted Floral $138; buy now at No matter how many reinventions J. Crew may go through, its timeless design remains the same—and often, the more you mix and match from the collection, the better your entire look may be. Take this painted floral dress, which features a swingy hem, long sleeves, and a navy-and-burgundy color palette that works just as will now as it will come spring. 24 Talbots Keyhole Refined Ponte Sheath $140; buy now at With a modern yet classic aesthetic, Talbots offers apparel in misses, petites, plus size, and plus size petite, ensuring every woman can find the perfect LBD—arguably the label’s signature offering. Take this slightly updated style, which features a ponte knit and a keyhole necklace for a fresh twist on the classic. 25 Lane Bryant Link Bracelet $20; buy now at This plus-sized boutique is famous for creating stylish clothing that women wouldn’t normally find in their size, along with sexy lingerie and well-designed accessories, too. This chain-link bracelet features a larger length than normal, allowing for anyone to rock the jewelry of the season comfortably. 26 Eloquii Leopard Fur Coat $179; buy now at Despite the recent news of Walmart, the king of basic fashion, acquiring this online retailer, Eloquii’s designs are anything but basic, featuring fashionable options for plus-sized women and a well-curated online boutique to shop for them all in. This leopard coat—designed in collaboration with Reese Witherspoon’s Draper James collection—features a swingy, loose fit and the most cozy fabric that’s not actually real fur. 27 Club Monaco Annina Pleated Skirt $180; buy now at Part of the Ralph Lauren family, Club Monaco offers chic and stylish women’s separates that feature clean lines, flawless tailoring, and easily mixed patterns. Take this swingy, accordion-pleated skirt in cherry red and pair it with an easy blouse, cool graphic tee, or with a blazer to be meeting-ready. 28 & Other Stories Belted Wool Blend Boilersuit $149; buy now at This one-stop shop is a stylist’s dream destination, as classic pieces are easily found among more trendy items, along with jewelry, accessories, and even makeup, too. The boilersuit—one of the year’s biggest fashion trends—is perfectly made here in the most neutral shade of khaki, and has a 100 percent adjustable belt that you can customize to your waist on any given day. 29 Theory Perfect Fitted Shirt $295; buy now at If you’re looking for stylish pieces that’ll last a decade plus, Theory is your new go-to. Crepe blouses, silk sheaths and leather jackets aren’t by any means cheap, but they’re all timeless and of borderline impervious construction. Their Perfect Fitted Shirt is just that—flawlessly tailored and available in three different colors, all of which are made from a stretch silk that drapes ever so lightly against your figure. 30 Boden Lucille Jersey Midi Dress $130; buy now at This British retailer may have opened in 1911, but by no means is the women’s collection stuffy or out of date, rather, they offer a litany of amazing dresses in wrap, maxi and other covetable cuts. This midi number features a tiny pattern that’s figure flattering in three different shades and has ruching at the waist that’ll forgive you after you’ve had a massive burger for lunch. 31 Lively The Busty Bralette $35; buy now at Don’t let the lingerie store freak you out: This online retailer features bras for every shape and size both with and without underwire, along with strapless iterations, loungewear, and panties that are almost too comfortable to actually be real. Fans flock to their Busty Bralette, which provides excellent, wire-free support for cup sizes larger than a D. 32 Uniqlo Women Ultra Light Down Jacket $70; buy now at Fast fashion house Uniqlo makes some of the best basics, particularly in its heat tech line, which will keep you warm in even the most intense of winters. Also covetable is their newly released Ultra Light Down collection, and particularly the Down Jacket, which falls at the hip, comes in many colors, and will last you the entire season, all for less than $100. 33 Everlane The Oversized Blazer $175; buy now at Featuring beautiful essential pieces, Everlane is proof that the markup on clothing is sometimes all too real, as they disclose their exact production processes for every single item they sell. Go for the Oversized Blazer in Glen Plaid, which has a trendy cut and fabric but flatters every single body type. Pair it with denim, a pencil skirt, or the matching trousers—it works well with just about anything. 34 Trademark Frances Mule $378; buy now at Designed in New York City by Pookie and Louisa Burch, Trademark shoes and accessories are meant to be just that—the trademark pieces in a woman’s closet. Go for the Frances Mule—available in trendy cream and neutral black—which has a comfortable, chunky heel that adds height without any post-wear pain. 35 Maggy London Siobhan Midi $128; buy now at This dress shop has literally everything one could hope for: Every cut, style, length, and color imaginable. In other words? If you’ve dreamt of the dress, Maggy London has it. The Siobhan Midi, which appears to be bold separates, is actually just one sheath that has the most feminine silhouette. 36 Karen Kane Floral Pajama Set $68; buy now at This British label has become practically synonymous with style, comfort and sophistication—but would you expect anything less of the Brits? Their floral pajama set—in the palest shade of sky blue—is so chic you could arguably wear the set or the separates out every single day with no one aware they were designed for sleeping in solely. 37 Rachel Pally Metallic Rib Sweater Dress — Charcoal Gold $189; buy now at Rachel’s blend blends the easy and elegant with the chic and a variety of fabrics and styles from sizes 2 to 22. This metallic rib sweater dress is ideal for day when paired with chunky, lug-sole booties, but can also work incredibly well for night with stiletto sandals and some dainty but sparkly jewels. 38 Not Your Daughter’s Jeans Barbara Bootcut Jeans $119; buy now at Tag-lined with the saying “fit is everything,” the cuts, styles, and colors offered by this label that started with denim are classic, never too baring, and always forgiving. Their Barbara bootcut jeans—new for the season—come in sizes from 00 to 18, both regular and tall, and has slimming panels in all the right places for a classic look. 39 Michael Kors Watch Hunger Stop Runway Gold-Tone Watch $275; buy now at With snakeskin handbags, impeccably tailored coats, and contemporary sportswear, Michael Kors is a must-have in every woman’s closet. Go on and splurge on a classic piece, such as this gold-toned watch featuring a teal face for a fresh burst of color on an otherwise forever-chic style. Bonus: A portion of proceeds on this timepiece go to charity, too. 40 M. Gemi The Genova $278; buy now at This Italian leather shoe brand is incredibly chic, affordable, and made of the most sumptuous fabrics that’ll elevate any and every outfit and offer fresh drops of merch every Monday. This week’s must-have are the Genova loafers, which have an elongated vamp and are constructed from luxe, croc-print leather in three different hues, though the navy pair definitely looks the richest. The post appeared first on .
October 31, 2018
If you’ve reached your fifth decade, you know better than anyone that fads come and go with the tides. You also have a well-honed personal sense of style, refined by years of knowing what works—and, better yet, what doesn’t. You probably also know that being 40 (and above) means looking polished, wearing timeless clothes that fit, and projecting an image that reflects your exalted station in life. But if you need a refresher course—or are simply looking to stock up your closet for the coming season—allow us to offer some help. a few of which you’ve likely never heard of—have only one mission: to help you consistently look your best, year after year after year. Here, we’ve rounded up them. When it comes to stocking (and restocking) your wardrobe, stick with these guys. You’ll never have to concern yourself with a fad again. 1 Brooks Brothers Regent Fitted Dress Shirt $92; buy now at They’ve dressed presidents. They’ve dressed movie stars. They’ve also dressed your colleagues—on every rung of the career ladder. In short, if you’re not wearing by now, you’re not doing it right. (Pro tip: keep an eye out for holiday weekend sales, where you can generally pick up standard-issue button-downs for half off.) 2 Ralph Lauren The Iconic Rugby Shirt $98; buy now at You name it (polos, cufflinks, gala-worthy tuxes, double-breasted camel-hued suede bombers), and Ralph Lauren has it. But if you want to experience the best of what they have to offer, look to the preppy roots that helped immortalize the brand on the pantheon of men’s style. And for that, let the classic rugby—a potent mix of tough-guy magnetism and polished academic charm—be your starting point. 3 Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Cap-Toe Oxford $395; buy now at If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck—and, frankly, look no further than Allen Edmonds footwear. For starters, every pair is handmade (from a 128-step process, no less) with indestructibility in mind. But, if something happens to go wrong, to any degree, for a nominal fee, the company will restore the shoes to like-new condition. Oh, and also, each and every pair are timeless lookers. In short: a pair of Allen Edmonds shoes will literally last you a lifetime. 4 Want les Essentiels O’Hare Leather-Trimmed Tote $250; buy now at If you don’t have one yet, know this: the tote bag is the best bag a man can own. And Want les Essentiels, with their streamlined designs and dedication to superior materials, makes the best tote bags on the market—at a fraction of the price of their highfalutin competitors. Just throw your stuff in and go, and look great while doing so. 5 Bonobos Jetsetter Stretch Italian Wool Suit $750; buy now at The online-only Bonobos specializes in clothing that, put simply, is automatically tailored. Once you pinpoint your size and fit, by heading into one of their 50-plus “guideshops” around the country (where stylists can help you figure out what works best on your body), you can start ordering suits and shirts at the click of a button—and will never have to embark on a trip to the tailor again. Bonus: all orders have free shipping. 6 Seiko Silver Dial Chronograph $130; buy now at We get it: kickstarting a timepiece collection, especially if you’re buying online, is a daunting proposition. A few poor-choice purchases, and you’re thousands of dollars in the hole. That’s where Seiko comes in. Of all the many watch brands on the planet, none can match the sheer range of Seiko. So, if you want to test-drive a timepiece that’s a little bit out of your purview—like, say, a chronograph with funky rose-gold hands, a topographical face, and oversized numerals—you can do so at a relatively low-risk cost. Then, when you’re ready to upgrade to a Rolex-grade version, you can check out the company’s Grand Seiko look book, where you’ll find top-notch watches (and four- or five-figure price tags to match). 7 All Saints Cora Leather Jacket $498; buy now at Fact: every guy needs a leather jacket in his closet. But, once you top 40, the bells and whistles of the biker look championed by artsy post-grads will cause you to veer into mid-life crisis territory. Instead, stick with something more reserved and understated, without sacrificing material quality. That’s where All Saints comes in. 8 Uniqlo Supima Cotton Crew Neck $9.90; buy now at There’s nothing exciting about Uniqlo, and therein lies the appeal. Their wares, from plain tees to graphic button-downs, are standard-issue at its finest—at prices you can’t find anywhere else. To be sure, the clothing runs a little slim. But if you find that it fits your frame just fine, order away in bulk. 9 Helly Hansen Elements Raincoat $154 (was $280); buy now at The 671,760 men who live in Phoenix, Arizona, can move right along. The rest of you, however, should take heed: good outerwear is an essential part of your wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for jackets that can weather an Everest ascent, or just something that will keep your wool suits safe from a light drizzle, Helly Hansen is sure to have what you’re looking for. And if you purchase during the off-season (i.e., right now), you can score prices up to half off. 10 The Tie Bar Texture 3-Piece Style Box $49.95; buy now at Now, we’re not suggesting you stock up on ties at The Tie Bar. For sumptuous, well-designed neckwear, there are plenty of alternatives. (Plus, your tie collection should be robust enough by 40.) You should beeline to The Tie Bar, though, for suit accessories: pocket squares, lapel pins, and, of course, tie bars. Remember: 11 Gap Jeans in Slim Fit with GapFlex $69.95; buy now at When it comes to a cornerstone pair of jeans, most guys swear by Levi’s. But we’re going to posit an alternative: The Gap. Whatever the fit or hue, you’ll be able to find it at The Gap. The clincher, though, is the “GapFlex” fabric, which allows for extra give throughout the jean. Sure, it’s is a cheesy term, but, at the end of the day, you’re getting a leaner look and a more comfortable fit—and, given the fact that The Gap offers B.O.G.O. deals, like, every two weeks, at an amazing deal, too. 12 Ted Baker Finsbur Floral Geo Print Cotton Shirt $133; buy now at The modern fits and splashy patterns of Ted Baker are a shot of adrenaline for a flatlined wardrobe. But thanks to a reserved, debonair vibe, you won’t run the risk of coming off as if you’re trying too hard. Wade into their wares with a dotted-lined floral button-up, which gives off serious minimalist vibes. And when you’re ready to shirk the blue-shirts-and-chinos look for good, you can dive headlong into the rest of their catalogue. 13 Burberry Wool Cashmere Tailored Coat $1,890; buy now at Yes, Burberry coats are insanely expensive. They’re also the type of thing—timeless style, indestructible construction—you’ll have for your entire life. And if you think of clothing as investment, there are few better investments you can make than a good, warm coat. Think about it: From every day between late November and early April (give or take a few weeks, depending on your exact coordinates), you’ll reach for the thing. Wouldn’t you want the best, warmest, sturdiest number in your corner? 14 Jack Spade Waxwear Slim Brief $398; buy now at Jack Spade may have officially closed shop a few years back, but you can still find their (best-in-show) bags around— and at sister brand Kate Spade, as a dedicated “gifts for him” line. Every bag from Jack Spade is a total stunner, from a design perspective, but we’re partial to the duffels and briefs made out of waxwear: a fabric that, when scuffed, retains the mark, so the bag develops a history-tinged rugged look as the years go by. The rarity is just another bonus cool factor. 15 Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Pour Homme $116 for 6.7 oz.; buy now at True style means that every part of you—even the parts most people won’t see—is 100 percent on point. Fragrance is no exception—and no one puts out better scents than Dolce & Gabbana. Case in point: Light Blue, which, as it name suggests, is a balanced, fresh cologne that runs zero risk of overpowering the room. 16 Ray-Ban RB3025 58 Original $178; buy now at Face it: every guy harbors some degree of action-hero aspirations. Now, you can’t exactly roundhouse kick your way through town without repercussions, but you can dress like one. That’s where Ray-Ban, the pioneer of Tom Cruise’s favorite frames, comes in. There, you’ll find polarized (meaning: maximum UV protection) lenses of all shapes and sizes and colors. If, say, you don’t feel like rocking the mirrored grey or black lenses that are culturally well-worn by now, consider opting for a blue-spectrum gradient pair, like those pictured. 17 Club Monaco Red Wing Sheldon Boot $369.99; buy now at At Club Monaco, you name it, you can find it. But tucked amidst the waffle crew-neck sweaters and slim-cut wool trousers, you’ll find an impressive offering of third-party wares. Case in point: the company’s deep selection of Red Wing boots. We’re particular fond of the Sheldon, which features a clean-lined silhouette that works just as well with a suit as it does with distressed denim. If that particular flavor of debonair indestructibility is your cup of tea, beeline to your nearest Club Monaco. 18 Reiss Sensation Windowpane Check Trousers $240; buy now at Reiss, a London-based clothier, offers smooth-tailored, Saville Row-inspired looks at a fraction of the price of what you’d find on the vaunted street. Exhibit A: these windowpane pants. If you look closely, you’ll notice they’re absent belt loops, which is a sign of utmost luxury (though you’ll probably have to take a quick trip to the tailor to get a perfect fit), and you’ll note that the patterning is faded just enough to keep the style on the proper side of stuffy banker digs. 19 Theory Cotton Open Collar Polo From $51; buy now at Snobby fashionistas may sneer at Theory for copping runway looks but not quite attaining the runway pedigree. Thing is, therein lies the quality. With Theory, you absolutely can get runway looks without the runway pedigree—or price tag, either. Just look at this polo, which bucks trends (the open-neck collar, the non-tapered sleeves) left and right. It’s the future, for less. 20 J. Crew Secret Wash Shirt in Heathered Poplin $59.50; buy now at Recently, J. Crew overhauled their entire brand. The mission: Make everything at the same high-quality benchmark, but at a fraction of the price. Thankfully, as this poplin button-down proves, the mission has been accomplished. (Shirts like this used to have an MSRP of about 25 percent higher before the overhaul.) 21 A.P.C. Petit Standard Slim-Fit Selvedge Jeans $210; buy now at Few delicacies on the planet can beat really good selvedge denim. It’s tough-as-nails, contours to your body, and—unlike normal, tear- and fade-prone denim—only gets better looking as the years go by. And if you’re looking for the best selvedge, look no further than the look books of A.P.C. Made from Japanese dry selvedge (that’s the ne plus ultra of the variety), it’s truly as good as it gets. 22 Jack Erwin Ellis Chelsea Boot $220; buy now at In essence, Jack Erwin is minimalism taken to maximum potential. You won’t find any groundbreaking trends here. Instead, you’ll find a curated selection of streamlined classics: cap-toe Oxfords, double-monk straps, penny loafers. Our favorite, though, is their Chelsea boot, which is cut slightly more narrow than similar boots, giving a more elegant, dashing look. 23 Twillory Slim-Fit Non-Iron Shirt $54.99 each if you get 4; buy now at Every company on the planet makes a great dress shirt, these days. But, if you haven’t yet, consider checking out the well-cut options at Twillory. There, the more you buy, the more you save. The base price is $99 per shirt. If you buy in bulk (four or more), that drops down below $60. (Bonus: each shirt comes with a pair of nickel collar stays.) 24 Church’s Berlin Wingtip Brogues $650; buy now at It takes two months to make every pair of Church’s shoes, so you know you’re getting top-notch quality. When it comes to choosing your next pair of wingtips—the shoe that’s anchored men’s style for decades, and will for decades to come—spring for the best of the best. 25 John Varvatos Dragon Workwear Jacket $268.80 (was $448); buy now at Fact: every guy wants to be a rock star. John Varvatos won’t make those dreams come true—but the clothes will help you look the part. You’ll find all the garden variety rocker gear, and then some. What truly sets John Varvatos apart from other rock-inspired brands is the courage to wade away from the studded leather jackets and beat-to-death skinny jeans to offer power-chord swagger in other forms, like this imposing embroidered jacket. 26 Paul Smith Dinosaur Cufflinks $125; buy now at Yeah, yeah, we know what you’re thinking: dinosaur cufflinks?! When it comes to Paul Smith accessories, these barely scratch the surface of how zany things can get. The eye-popping tie bars and lapel pins are never overbearing, though. They just serve as easy ways to inject some fun into staid outfits. 27 Frye Murray Cap Toe Boot $210 (was $298); buy now at Come for the unique leather. Stay for the amazing designs. By now, Frye’s beat-up leather (which looks as if it’s tastefully survived a hundred winters) is ubiquitous. What shoppers might not know, though, is the company sells more than just biker boots. You’ll find Oxfords, backpacks, sneakers, messenger bags, and, yes, as pictured, even the occasional (hyper-stylish) dress boot. 28 Zegna Slim Fit Wash & Go Mélange Suit $1,495; buy now at Whether you’re shopping the sporty Z Zegna line or the upscale Ermenegildo Zegna collection, the company defies expectations at every turn. For proof, just look at this suit. Sure, it may look like a plain, if exceptionally well-cut, number. But get this: it’s machine-washable. 29 Eddie Bauer Haven Beanie $12 (was $20); buy now at No brand is more thoroughly equipped to help guys deal with the great outdoors—be it hiking, skiing, biking—than Eddie Bauer. Everything is rugged, cozy, and built to last. And, as you can with this hat (which is available in more than half a dozen colors, by the way), available in prices fit for buying in bulk. 30 L.L. Bean Signature Leather Duffel $299; buy now at While you may instantly recognize L.L. Bean for their iconic boots (which tend to sell out every year by early winter, so move fast), know that the company has much, much more to offer. Case in point: this handsome leather duffel, designed with both form and function in mind: At 44 liters of capacity, it’s practically bottomless—and looks terrific, too. 31 To Boot New York Benjamin Leather Monk Strap Oxfords $350; buy now at We’re of the opinion that a guy can’t possibly have a deep enough stock of shoes. If you don’t yet have a pair of monk straps (a type of shoe that has all the class of a traditional lace-up, but twice the fun), now’s your time to start. The offerings from To Boot New York are quality, and a great way to wade into the trend. 32 Shinola Slim Leather Billfold $195; buy now at Watches, bags, keychains, even bicycles—yes, Shinola is one of menswear’s greatest accessory makers. (Everything is hand-crafted right in Detroit, too, if all-American manufacturing is a thing you’re keen to support.) We’re over the moon for the company’s wallets, though, which make use of patented Horween leather, so your money can get carted around in something deserving of, well, your money. 33 Bevel Starter Kit $69.49; buy now at That’s right: men’s style is more than mere clothing—it’s about your grooming regimen, too. If you’ve yet to try Bevel, you’re sorely missing out. The company offers an entire suite of bespoke shaving products, but the real eye-catcher here is their signature super-powered razor. As one reviewer put it, “I just glide the blade on my skin and the hair disappears.” Oh, and a restock of blades is only about $10 for 20. Talk about a steal. 34 Tommy Hilfiger Cable Knit Sweater $99; buy now at Tommy Hilfiger, the maestro of Americana chic, offers university-style preppy looks at bargain bin prices. But if you want to hew traditional—like, say, with a cozy navy cable knit sweater—you can find suitable options on that front, too. 35 Mack Weldon Boxer Briefs $24; buy now at It’s the most essential layer of any guy’s outfit. If you’ve hit 40 and your underwear game isn’t yet on lock, it’s time to change that. And if you need a new base layer uniform, look to Mack Weldon. Their underwear is made with a proprietary moisture-wicking fabric, for maximum scent control, and are available in 26 different colors, so you can be as reserved or zany as your heart desires. 36 Hermès Tie 7 H en Folie $180; buy now at Yes, $180 is steep for a tie. But, for when the occasion calls for it (job interviews, graduations, anniversaries, weddings), a guy should have a few of the most powerful power ties at his beck and call. 37 Jack Wills Bickmoor Peacoat $175 (was $230); buy now at Sure, Jack Wills tends to come across a little youthful. But, thanks to the whiff of English elegance that permeates their entire collection, you won’t look like you’re trying to pull off PacSun a few decades too late. Plus, as this modish peacoat shows, few brands nail the university vibe quite as well. 38 Davek Traveler Umbrella $89; buy now at Your clothes won’t mean anything if they get drenched. Enter: Davek, a company that make uber-stylish, idiot-proof umbrellas. They open and close at the push of a button, so you never have to fumble with awkward clasp systems in a busy foyer again. (We’re all guilty of that, right?) 39 Marc Jacobs Snapshot Card Case $78; buy now at If the idea of a cumbersome billfold gives you pause, just get a slim card case. But don’t be boring with it! Get creative—like with a vivaciously colored option. And when it comes to that, few brands can compete with Marc Jacobs, whose designers seem determined to make use of all 365 million colors visible to the human eye. 40 Tom Ford O’Connor Base Shawl-Collar Tuxedo $4,980; buy now at Because 40 is well past the age where it’s okay to rent a tux. The post appeared first on .
October 23, 2018
Your clothing has the ability to simultaneously protect you from the elements and allows you to demonstrate a personal style and story. And, while you may appreciate what your wardrobe stands for and what can do for you, know this: it can do so much more. For those of you who may have never taken more than a moment to realize all that your clothing does for you—all the secret mechanisms hidden away in your shirts and pants and jackets—we’ve uncovered the hidden purposes of everyday wardrobe items. You’ll never look at your threads the same way again. 1 Rivets on your jeans. As it turns out, those studs on your aren’t just for decoration. In the late 1800s, day laborers wore jeans as they worked, creating the need for extra reinforcement in the areas most prone to breakage. Now, this added feature ensures that your jeans can put up with added amounts of wear and tear. Just imagine how frequently you’d run to The Gap if these rivets didn’t exist. 2 The pocket in women’s underwear is for added comfort. While men’s underwear is reinforced with two layers of fabric, women’s underwear are made to be thinner, with a small pocket of material in the middle. This difference in design caters to the more delicate nature of women’s skin, which wouldn’t fare well against the rougher texture of men’s underwear. 3 Left-sided shirt buttons make it easier for women to breastfeed. While there are many theories circulating as to why women’s shirts contain buttons on the left side rather than the right side as it is for men’s shirts, most style scholars and fashion aficionados agree that the real purpose of this button alignment is to make it easier for women to unbutton their shirts in order to breastfeed. Southern Living Magazine, with the buttons on the left side, women would easily be able to use their free hand to unbutton their shirt. Since meaning that’s the hand they’ll hold a baby in—that means the left is best used for unbuttoning a shirt. 4 Stitched-up pockets are meant to be undone. Similar to the stitches at the end of blazer and jacket seams, the stitches in pockets are actually meant to be let out in order to reveal pockets. So, the next time you groan upon discovering stitched up pockets on a new pair of jeans, you may be able to rip a few seams in order to find the hidden pockets you desire. 5 Triangles sewn into sweatshirts are meant to absorb sweat. This triangle sewn into sweatshirts is actually made from a piece of ribbed cotton jersey or material commonly found in waistbands, which, when stitched into the sweatshirt, can actually absorb around the neck and chest. Though, since it was invented in the 1920s, many sweatshirts only feature the stitch, and not the specific material. 6 Zippers are made to be fail-safe. Invented in 1913, the provides an easier, more durable way to fasten the clothes we wear. For added durability, the end of the zipper, called the pull tab, is designed for users to be able to realign the zipper if broken. 7 Top and bottom buttonholes face another direction for strength. Since the top and bottom buttons on dress shirts are the most likely to come unfastened, designers make the buttonholes horizontal rather than vertical, in order to ensure that they’ll stay in place. 8 The bottom button is reinforced with more thread. Further, to enhance the strength of the bottom button, you might have noticed that some designers reinforce the buttonhole with an extra, colored thread. Image via Wikimedia Commons 9 Heels were first designed for men to ride horses. As early as the 10th century, in order to stay secure in their stirrups. Centuries later, cowboys still wear boots with heels in order to achieve the same security atop their horses. 10 Dr. Martens are made… for comfort? Before Dr. Martens were worn as a fashion statement, they were made famous after World War II by German army doctor Klaus Märtens as a more comfortable option among soldier’s footwear. This comfortable option is due to the “air-padded soles” that provide more support and comfort to those who were inclined to spend more time on their feet, like soldiers and laborers. 11 The small pockets in jeans were made for pocket watches. Levi’s jeans were first designed for gold miners and farmers in the 19th century, featuring a for them to keep their pocket watch, as their previous home, tucked inside the pocket of a waistcoat, often led to the shattering of their face. This new invention kept their pocket watches, which were a popular accessory at the time, safe and secure. 12 Modern wristwatches were first designed for men in World War I. Again, the delicacy and impracticality of the pocket watch stood no chance against the action seen by men in World War I. While the first wristwatch was actually crafted in 1868 for Countess Koscowicz of Hungary, wristwatches were soon being created in bulk by designers like Cartier, who saw the need for military leaders to be able to coordinate attacks and remain informed in the most effortless way possible, the New York Times. Image via Inhabitant 13 They actually make bras that double as gas masks. Providing more than just essential support for your body, (EBbra) also doubles as a gas mask. When facing natural disasters or accidents, The Emergency Bra can be quickly taken off and transformed into two respiratory face masks. 14 Pom pom hats are designed to protect your head. While the first to wear these hats with pom poms were the Vikings, sailors later added these hats to their wardrobe as an added cushion to prevent them from hitting their heads on the ship’s rafters during particular turbulent sections of the sea. 15 The diamonds on backpacks are designed for adventurers. Aside from providing a stylish focal point, the diamonds stitched on to certain backpacks are actually installed as a place for rock climbers and adventurers to weave their ropes and tennis shoes on to. 16 The loop on the back of dress shirts is more practical than fashionable. In case you’ve never taken advantage of this added feature on the back of your dress shirt, we’ll clue you in now: it’s actually meant as an alternative place to hang up your shirt. In fact, this loop was invented by Ivy League college students, who, in the 1960s, appealed to the Gant company to make these loops that allowed them to hang up their shirts while in the locker room to avoid wrinkles. 17 The extra eyelets on sneakers are designed for ankle support. The makers of sneakers, in order to ensure that every athlete could rely on durable, snug-fitting shoes that served them well for every adventure, installed a at the top of the sneaker to create a “heel lock.” This method actually works to prevent heel slippage while running and walking up or down outdoor surfaces. 18 The crease in your trousers is a trend influenced by the past. That crease in your trousers isn’t there by accident—in fact, this crease trend was started by King George in the 1920s, as he made a point to switch this indentation in his trousers from the front to the sides. As it turns out, this subtle fashion statement influenced an entirely new way packaging and wearing a stylish mainstay. 19 Women’s clothing is made of a thinner material to make it easier to layer. Long-gone are the days of thick and plush women’s clothing. Just in the past decade, women’s clothing designers have catered to the “layering” trend, resulting in the making of physically thinner clothing that allow dressers to pile on two to three different layers. 20 Buttons are sewn into suit jackets to prevent bad manners. To keep his army from wiping their noses on their army jackets, Napoleon actually had buttons sewn at the end of their sleeves. Centuries later, these buttons have become commonplace on the sleeves of suit jackets and blazers. While most designers leave them on only as flair—since functional suit buttons are verboten in some fashion circles—some brands, like The Kooples, opt for functional buttons these days. This allows for the wearer to roll up a suit jacket sleeve and rock a laissez faire Paris-chic look. 21 Extra eyelets in converse. While the eyelets installed on the sides of converse sneakers aren’t there for added durability, they do serve an equally important purpose—to provide ventilation to keep the sneakers from trapping sweat and dirt. 22 History dictated our habit to keep the bottom suit button unfastened. As it turns out, this was actually started by King Edward VII in the first decade of the 20th-century, when he stopped buttoning the last button on his suits in order to accommodate his larger size, Slate. After his death in 1910, the British monarchy actually carried this trend over to the next rulers, instilling this trend into nearly every corner of the globe. More than a century later, this trend has become more of a rule of thumb for those wearing suits. 23 Certain coat stitches are meant to removed upon purchase. Upon purchasing a , you might notice that the seams along the side or back are loosely sewn together towards the bottom of the coat. In most cases, these seams are actually meant to be let out to add more comfort and space for your body. The post appeared first on .
October 22, 2018
can feel like a major milestone—and in many ways, it is. Your career, finances, and personal life are all hitting their apex, your confidence has hit an all-time high, and you’ve finally figured out a haircut that doesn’t look like you did it yourself in the dark. However, for many people, when it comes to carving out a style, sticking to those stores you loved in your younger years only serves to make you look like you’re desperately trying to cling to the past. The good news? Herein, we’ve compiled a list of the worst places to shop in , meaning those days of logo tees and black lights can soon be little more than a distant memory. Image via Urban Outfitters 1 Urban Outfitters While Urban Outfitters may have been a staple when you were decorating your first apartment at 20, but by , those kitschy wares have outlived their usefulness. After all, you probably better things to spend your money on than an oversized bag of stuffed cheese balls. Image via Nasty Gal 2 Nasty Gal It’s not that you’re too old to shop at Nasty Gal when you’re , per se, but it does beg the question: “Where are you wearing that all zebra-print outfit?” Image via Hot Topic 3 Hot Topic You may have once bought your ear cuffs and raver pants from Hot Topic, but as a full-fledged adult, it’s time to grow up. At 40, that Harley Quinn outfit screams, “I got lost on my way to a rave,” not “responsible adult.” 4 Crocs They may be comfortable. They may be the preferred footwear of gardeners. That said, if you’re old enough to buy real shoes, it’s time to retire those plastic clogs one and for all. Image via Vineyard Vines 5 Vineyard Vines While it’s not exactly like preppy style is off-limits for people of a certain age, by the time you , it may be time to put those boat-printed pants to bed for good. Image via Sean John 6 Sean John The thought of walking around wearing what’s essentially a billboard for someone who once willingly went by “Puff Daddy” should embarrass you by a certain point. Consider that point your . Image via PacSun 7 PacSun The preferred shopping destination for lifeguards, surf-boarders, and the cast of Laguna Beach, PacSun probably isn’t the right place to find pieces for your respectable adult wardrobe. Case in point: this lace-up cropped sweat suit doesn’t exactly scream “ready for that board meeting.” Image via Lilly Pulitzer 8 Lilly Pulitzer Your sorority sisters may have worn them in college, but by the time 40 rolls around, it’s time to retire those zebra patterns. How many luncheons are you really going to, anyway? Image via Abercrombie & Fitch 9 Abercrombie & Fitch It may have been your go-to in high school, but proudly wearing a pair of expensive sweats with the name “Abercrombie”—or worse, “Fitch”—emblazoned on them is not a look that wears well with age. Stop trying to make Fitch happen. It’s never going to happen. Image via Yogibo 10 Yogibo With so many other stores to buy furniture from, why would you spend hundreds of your hard-earned dollars on a bean bag? In addition to making any home look like your friend’s ‘70s basement rec room, the second your sharp-clawed pet tries to jump on one of these, you’ll be stuck vacuuming up tiny white beads for the rest of your life. Image via Free People 11 Free People If you’re old enough to have a job and a 401k, you’re probably past the point in your life when a halter sweatshirt could be considered a reasonable item of clothing. 12 American Apparel Tight, overpriced, and often made out of fabrics you’re likely to see covering a diner banquette, by 40, the money you might otherwise spend on American Apparel leotards and leggings could be better spent on, well, anything. Image via Francesca's Collections 13 Francesca’s Collections This mall staple has great clothing—if, that is, you’re stuck in a Groundhog-Day-like loop where every day is the first day of Coachella. Image via PINK 14 PINK As a general rule, by the time you’re old enough to serve as the president, you’re too old to wear sweatsuits with anything written across your butt. Image via ICING 15 Icing You don’t need to have a jewelry collection worth thousands by the time you’re in your 40s. You don’t even need to have anything particularly expensive in your rotation. That said, the time for plastic alien chokers has likely come and gone. Image via Lacoste 16 Lacoste Those days when you played lacrosse and won homecoming king are 20-plus years in the past. It’s probably time to retire those crocodile-emblazoned shirts along with them. Image via Journeys 17 Journeys While may never go out of style, shopping at Journeys for ones that combine Disney characters, ’80s colors, and soles that look like they’ve been drawn on with a sharpie, probably isn’t the best way to show off your au courant taste. Image via Garage 18 Garage T-shirts can still be a staple in your wardrobe at any age. T-shirts that proclaim you to be “spicy”? It’s probably time to find yourself some more adult-appropriate attire. Image via Hollister 19 Hollister Abercrombie’s beach-vibe counterpart doesn’t hold up to the test of time. If the overpowering scent of cologne emanating from any of Hollister’s brick-and-mortar stores isn’t enough to turn you off, its insistence on splashing the logo across virtually every one of its products sure should. Image via Supreme 20 Supreme While people may line up to get their hands on Supreme’s latest releases, spending hundreds, if not more, to wear a jacket that’s not only a billboard for the brand, but the same pattern as your parents’ 80s couch, is hardly a good look. Image via Frederick's of Hollywood 21 Frederick’s of Hollywood Lingerie from Frederick’s may have seemed like a great place to get your unmentionables when you were in your 20s, but let’s just say that those scratchy electric blue polyester robes aren’t exactly the height of sophisticated sex appeal at 40. Image via FansEdge 22 FansEdge If you’re wearing sports team memorabilia somewhere other than a sporting event, it’s probably time to revamp your wardrobe (or, at least, stop buying your clothes from FansEdge). Image via Spencer's 23 Spencer’s You may have absolutely loved that alien black light poster you had hanging in your room as a teenager. However, if you’re still buying gifts for yourself and others at Spencer’s as a 40-something, don’t be surprised if the next time you see your gifts, they’re on the shelves of a local Goodwill. Image via Buckle 24 Buckle Buckle’s casual clothes may be great for the college student trying to reinvent their wardrobe. That said, when you’re spending your hard-earned money on two halves of different shirt Frankensteined together, it might be time to reevaluate your aesthetic priorities. 25 Zumiez There’s no hard and fast rule that says you have to give up skateboarding when you hit your 40s. However, those who suggest that you stop wearing cat yin-yang shirts, like this number from Zumiez, are doing you a favor. Image via American Eagle 26 American Eagle The clothes run small. The items are so they’ll be out of style in a week. They’re trying to bring back the tapered acid washed jean. Do you really need more reason to avoid browsing the racks at American Eagle? Image via Bath and Body Works 27 Bath & Body Works While middle schoolers everywhere may have once been tricked into thinking that spritzing themselves head-to-toe with Sun-Ripened Raspberry spray was the key to making it through puberty in one piece, by 40, you should know better. And yes, your co-workers will appreciate you not coming into work smelling like a scented candle anymore. Image via Forever 21 28 Forever 21 If any of your outfits could be mistaken for a sexy leopard Halloween costume, it’s probably time to stop shopping in the stores that caused such a predicament in the first place. Image via Beats 29 Beats by Dre They may be the preferred headphones of your teenage nieces and nephews. That said, for $200-plus, you can treat yourself to better sound quality (and put less money into the pocket of the guy who introduced our culture to Eminem) with a pair of Bose headphones instead. Image via Rainbow Stores 30 Rainbow Rainbow’s clothes are cheap—and they certainly look it. And honestly, what’s the appropriate venue for a “The Struggle Is Real” sweatshirt dress, anyway? Image via Armani Exchange 31 Armani Exchange You don’t have to stop hitting the club just because you turned 40. That said, you should probably stop dressing like you’re hitting the club when you’re heading into the office. The easiest way to do so? Ditching Armani Exchange from your regular shopping rotation. Image via Guess 32 GUESS If your clothes look like something that would be less out of place on a ‘70s game show hostess than on a contemporary human body, it’s probably time to bid farewell to the store they came from. Sorry, Guess. Image via Diesel Image via Diesel 33 Diesel If an item of clothing, like this Diesel jacket, has to actually spell out that it’s “not cool anymore,” it’s likely in your best interest to listen. Image via Aeropostale 34 Aéropostale Tie-dye, as well as blindly optimistic statements like “Everything will be fine” are, frankly, best left to the younger set. Image via Superdry 35 Superdry Looks like it’s covered in paint splatters? Check. Bears the name of the brand in huge letters across the chest? Check. Definitely shouldn’t be purchased by a full-blown adult? Check. Image via Ugg 36 Ugg When you’re thinking to yourself, “Should I buy a pair of Uggs?” just remember that even Tom Brady couldn’t make these fashion faux pas look cool. Image via Claire's 37 Claire’s Things you want your to be as an adult: sophisticated, understated, and made out of materials that won’t turn your skin green. What you don’t want it to be: a set of rainbow unicorn skeletons. Image via Tommy Bahama 38 Tommy Bahama No matter how much of a Parrothead you consider yourself to be, Tommy Bahama’s bright floral shirts will never be cool. Image via Charlotte Russe 39 Charlotte Russe While Charlotte Russe is certainly budget-friendly, oversized t-shirts embellished with the word “vibes”—not even “good vibes,” mind you—probably isn’t the best way to convey how adult you are. Image via 40 Chill pills? You’re 40. Just call them anti- meds. The post appeared first on .
October 17, 2018
Your home is your personal sanctuary. But, if you’re confined to a 300-square-foot studio apartment, or if you’re sleeping in a box the size of your wingspan, or if you’re toiling away in a that’s a fraction of the size of your real one, no one would blame you for wanting more. Unfortunately, you can’t exactly create more space out of nothing. (Thanks a lot, zoning laws…) What you can do, however, is create the illusion of more space. By deploying tried-and-true tricks of the trade, you can instantly turn a sardines-in-a-tin-can home into a picture-perfect cavernous enclave of luxuriousness. Here’s how. 1 Use a clutter basket. Clutter baskets are a great way to quickly (And if you have kids, you ought to consider a clutter basket an essential item. In fact, you might even want to get one for each room in the house!) Basically, if the name didn’t already give it away, clutter baskets act as a place to store everything you don’t really have a spot for: toys, magazines, extra blankets, all that jazz. And don’t worry about ruining your decor. Pretty much every home goods retailer on the market these days has chic options among their wares. 2 Paint the walls white. It’s a well-known fact that Going color-free adds a sense of cleanliness and openness to any room. As interior designer Bruce Bierman Architectural Digest, “White paint scatters light uniformly in all directions, which is why it covers the wall more efficiently than any other color. But of course, some whites can be very sharp, so you want to look out for this. If I were doing a loft with a skylight, or another space with a lot of natural light, I wouldn’t choose a stark white because it would be too glaring.” 3 Use mounted shelves. For a great space-saver, hang shelves on your walls, rather than buying a cumbersome bookshelf. This method allows you to shelve all the things you’d normally shelve while saving valuable square footage. Bonus: with a stylish option, like it can also make your room look a thousand times better. Oh, and while you’re at it, mount your TV, too. You’ll save extra space that would otherwise be used on an entertainment center. 4 Hang an accent piece. When it comes to small spaces, less is more. Refrain from filling your walls with a bunch of small decorations, and instead choose one large art piece for the eye to focus on. Some empty wall space will open up the room. Neila Deen, founder of Urban Casa, “Choose one aspect of the room to highlight with something visually interesting. The eye will be immediately drawn to this standout feature, with less emphasis on the room’s challenging size.” 5 Declutter. Before you purchase anything new to make your space feel bigger, get rid of old stuff. We all have things lying around our house that we don’t use anymore. If you need an extra push to help you get rid of all those extra sweaters that you haven’t worn in years, consider donating them. If you think about all of the people in need, you’re more likely to start purging your closets. the experts at House Beautiful, when it comes to decluttering it helps to separate your items into three piles to help you decide what to keep, what to get rid of, and what to put into storage. 6 Add mirrors. There’s a reason this is one of the oldest tricks in the book: it actually works. Adding a mirror (or, better yet, mirrors) is certain to make any space instantly appear bigger. Mirrors trick the eye into perceiving that a room is larger twofold—one, by adding depth to what you’re looking at; two, by bouncing light into all corners of the room. And best of all, slating a mirror on your wall is just another excuse to invest in an aesthetic accessory. For some affordable stylish options, check out the 7 Use minimal furniture. Take note of how much space you’re working with and don’t try to fit as much furniture as you would in a cavernous living room. This will only result in your cramped, small space feeling even more cramped and small than it currently is. the experts at One Kings Lane, choosing a sectional instead of a sofa and set of armchairs will maximize the limited space in a small living room. Multifunctional furniture, too, is a good idea. Save space by choosing an ottoman that doubles as a table, or selecting chairs equipped with storage under the seat. Bonus: these moves will save you money in the end. 8 Let natural light in. Nothing opens a space up (and provides an instant happiness boost) like Thankfully, getting more of it is as easy as pie: just forgo curtains. Unless we’re talking about your bedroom and you needing to make sure early morning rays don’t wake you up, curtains frankly aren’t necessary. 9 Take advantage of closets. When it comes to making a room feel bigger, it’s essential to minimize how much stuff you have out. Leaving objects all around can cause your room to look more cluttered and even smaller than it already is. So, keep as much as you can hidden away in your closets. And if your closet takes after the smallness of your room and is too tiny to fit everything, start thinking about storing things in other hidden places—like under your bed. 10 Store things under your bed. Don’t sleep on under-bed storage: If you have a small bedroom, it’s key. Let’s say you’re working with a queen-sized bed. By investing in an under-bed storage solution you’ll fabricate out of thin air about 35 square feet of storage space. Consider picking up a bed platform with built-in drawers. Or, if you’re looking to cut costs, pick up and . 11 Keep things clean. That’s right: The lesson mom tried to impart years ago rings true to this day. If nothing is on your floor, your room will already look and feel bigger. If your shelves are spotless and everything is in its right place, that’s another step toward space-enhancing perfection. Having a dedicated space for every item you own is especially important when it comes to tiny rooms and tiny homes. Because the space you’re working with is so small, even leaving just a few things out will start to make your home feel messy and crowded. 12 Stick to solid prints. Stay away from plaids, stripes, and bold prints. These patterns will only create chaos in a small space. When it’s time to buy a sofa, a rug, bedding, or curtains, remember to keep things simple and safe and stick to solid colors. If you’re in dire need of a decor swerve, lift a word of advice from New York City designer Doug Meyer, who to Architectural Digest that using texture keeps a room full of solid colors from falling flat. 13 Add a big rug. A small rug will only draw attention to the small size of a room. But a big rug acts as a focal point. As long as the pattern isn’t too crazy, a well-sized rug should create an effect wherein your room appears far larger. The decorating experts at One Kings Lane choosing a light colored rug: “Darker rugs absorb light, while lighter tones reflect it, creating an overall sense of spaciousness.” 14 Choose foldable furniture. If you need to save space in your kitchen, choosing a dining table with leaves that fold underneath is a smart option. That way you can seat everyone when you have people over for the holidays, but you can also open up the room by making the table smaller when you don’t need to seat as many guests. While you’re at it, pick up a foldable set of chairs, too. As these suggest, foldable seating needn’t lack in the aesthetic department. 15 Keep flooring continuous. Incorporating the same flooring material throughout the whole house will create a sense of unity—and, with it, a sense of openness. the design mavens at Better Homes & Gardens, keeping the floor the same throughout your home will make sure that “the eye does not jump from one room to the next but rather wanders easily between the spaces.” The post appeared first on .
October 17, 2018
If you’re like most women, your home is positively brimming with clothing. In fact, according to a recent survey by , the average American woman has 103 items in her . However, if you’re eager to upgrade your look, you don’t have to add to that overflowing mess: all it takes is the right accessories. For women over 50, who’ve spent a lifetime cultivating a distinct personal style, completely revamping a wardrobe can seem like a thankless task. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to make over those beloved pieces in no time. We’ve rounded up the essential accessories every woman over 50 should have in her closet, making it a breeze to transform those staples lurking in the back of your closet in an instant. Image via Anthropologie 1 A pair of statement earrings $58; buy now at The right pair of statement earrings, like this black beaded pair from Anthropologie, can instantly take an outfit from day to night. Better yet, they pair just as well with a white t-shirt and , adding some much-needed flair to an otherwise dressed-down brunch outfit. Image via Hermès 2 A patterned silk scarf $395; buy now at If you want to take your outfit in a more sophisticated direction, add a patterned silk scarf, like this vibrant number from Hermès. Even if an ascot isn’t exactly up your alley, you can easily incorporate a silk scarf into your lineup by using it as a headband or simply tying it to your purse for a pop of color. Image via Kate Spade 3 A bracelet watch $250; buy now at The right timepiece, like this elegant bracelet from Kate Spade, can work beautifully alongside your usual jewelry. In fact, menswear-inspired watches like this one not only work with everything from ripped jeans to cocktail dresses, they’re also a great way to make your arms look longer and leaner. Image via Nordstrom 4 An envelope wristlet $128; buy now at Leave those miniature clutches where they belong: in the past. Luckily, an envelope wristlet, like this one from Rebecca Minkoff, goes with virtually any outfit and is actually big enough to fit all those essentials, from your to your car keys. Image via James Allen 5 A delicate gold ring $120; buy now at Who says you need to to treat yourself to a beautiful gold ring? This delicate gold band is a subtle addition to any look, but unlike larger rings, won’t overpower your other pieces. Image via Marc Jacobs 6 A classic black tote $375; buy now at Ditch those boring briefcases and shapeless hobos in favor of a stylish black leather tote. While it has ample room to store everything from your computer to your favorite , it’s not so oversized that you’ll be tempted to fill it with a back-breaking load. Image via Etsy 7 A personalized phone case $33.74; buy now at Those novelty cases may have once been an adorable accessory, but as a full-fledged adult, it’s time to upgrade. Enter: this sleek black monogrammed case, perfect for differentiating your technology from that sea of iPhones on the table at brunch. Image via Nordstrom 8 An elegant straw hat $44; buy now at Preventing sun damage doesn’t end at the application of . Fortunately, with this wide-brimmed sun hat, you can fend off those fine lines, spots, and wrinkles while looking effortlessly stylish. Image via Anthropologie 9 A thin leather belt $38; buy now at Whether you’re using it to keep those jeans from slipping or as a means of accenting your waist in a loose dress, a thin leather belt will never go out of style. Image via Anya Hindmarch 10 A brightly-colored handbag $876.04; buy now at Looking for a simple way to jazz up a black outfit? A brightly-colored bag, like this Anya Hindmarch tote, is roomy enough for your essentials and adds a pop of color to those otherwise drab looks. Image via Salvatore Ferragamo 11 A pair of edgy flats $595; buy now at While traditional ballet flats may be a workplace staple, if you want to spice up your typical outfit, try some fancier flats instead. Luckily, these studded Ferragamos will work just as well with your skinny jeans as they will with a work-appropriate dress. Image via Madewell 12 A chain strap purse $88; buy now at Even if you’re not in the market for a Chanel bag, you can still update your wardrobe with a classic chain strap purse. And at just $88, this one from Madewell looks chic but won’t break the bank. Image via Ralph Lauren 13 A chic winter hat $48; buy now at Just because the temperature has dropped doesn’t mean you need to lose your sense of style. This Ralph Lauren pompom beanie is the perfect accessory, ideal for keeping you warm and stylish at once. 14 A pair of black leather booties $210.50; buy now at Winter doesn’t have to mean you’re stuck in some less-than-stylish footwear for four months. These Via Spiga booties can upgrade your cold weather look in an instant without sacrificing comfort. Image via Stella & Dot 15 A statement necklace $198; buy now at Transform your favorite outfits in no time with a stylish statement necklace, like this black-and-gold spiked collar from Stella and Dot. Perfect with a cocktail dress or a t-shirt and jeans, the right statement necklace can change any outfit for the better. Image via Macy's 16 A cozy blanket scarf $58; buy now at Keep when the temperature dips without bundling up in a body-obscuring puffer jacket. A blanket scarf is a chic way to fight off those frigid temperatures while maintaining your style. Image via Coach 17 A well-made wallet $175; buy now at Velcro may work for middle schoolers, but as an adult woman, it’s time to upgrade. The right choice? A sleek crocodile-embossed black leather wallet with plenty of room for your cards, cash, and keys. Image via Neiman Marcus 18 A pair of diamond studs $995; buy now at No matter what your age, you can never go wrong with a pair of elegant diamond studs. And fortunately, this delicate yellow gold pair from Legend Amrapali won’t break the bank. Image via Hue 19 Opaque black tights $15; buy now at Make your legs look slimmer, keep warm during cold weather, and dress up virtually any look with the right pair of black tights. Luckily, this pair from Hue is not only comfortable, they’re about as opaque as they come. 20 A pair of oversized sunglasses $69; buy now at Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn with the right pair of sunglasses. Not only is this pair timeless, unlike many high-end glasses, this one won’t eat up your entire paycheck. Image via Kendra Scott 21 A pendant necklace $65; buy now at Subtle, stylish, and work-appropriate, this drusy necklace from Kendra Scott adds a hint of subtle sparkle to any outfit. Image via Mejuri 22 A pair of gold hoops $79; buy now at By the time you’re 50, it’s time to ditch those cheap hoops in favor of a pair that will last a lifetime. These Mejuri hoops certainly fit the bill: not only are they made of 14 karat gold, they’re just the right size for any occasion, from a big day at work to a casual weekend brunch. Image via Alexander McQueen 23 An edgy oversized scarf $248; buy now at While a subtle silk scarf has its place, sometimes, you just want to feel a little edgy. And when those times arise, this trendy Alexander McQueen skull scarf is sure to fit the bill. Image via Jeffrey Campbell 24 A pair of stacked heel boots $215; buy now at Adding a little height doesn’t have to come at the expense of your comfort. Case in point: these stacked heel boots from Jeffrey Campbell are every bit as stylish as they are wearable. Image via Tiffany 25 A delicate diamond bracelet $360; buy now at Though full-blown tennis bracelets may have been a staple in your grandmother’s style, if you’re looking for a more au courant style, try this diamond bracelet from Tiffany on for size. With just a single diamond, this piece isn’t so ostentatious that it will look out of place with a casual outfit, but works just as well with a more formal look. Image via Ben Amun 26 A colorful brooch $220; buy now at Brooches have come a long way in the past half-century. With a colorful, unfussy bug brooch like this one from Ben-Amun, you can instantly dress up any outfit. Image via Etsy 27 A classic cocktail ring $399; buy now at BellaJewelryShop on Not every occasion calls for delicate jewelry. When you want your baubles to shine as much as your outfit, opt for a chunky cocktail ring like this stunning aquamarine-and-diamond number. Image via Repetto 28 A pair of chic ballet flats $325; buy now at By the time you’re 50, it’s time to let up on some of those more uncomfortable fashion choices, meaning that heels are more of a suggestion than a must. Luckily, classic ballet flats from Repetto are every bit as chic as a pair of stilettos—and a lot more comfortable, too. Image via Henri Bendel 29 A subtle gold bangle $118; buy now at In the market for a classic accessory that goes with every outfit? Look no further than this riveted bangle from Henri Bendel. Similar in style to Cartier’s classic Love bracelet without the bank-breaking price, this chic bangle will work just as well with jeans as it will your favorite LBD. Image via Cuyana 30 A weekender bag $250; buy now at By 50, it’s time you upgraded your accessories. Luckily, this Le Sud weekender from Cuyana has enough room for all of your weekend essentials, and, better yet, it’s monogrammable. Image via Catbird 31 A pair of delicate diamond hoops $594; buy now at Sometimes, a pair of oversized hoops just won’t cut it. When that’s the case, opt for something more delicate, like these tiny black diamond hoops from Catbird instead. Image via Cole Haan 32 A pair of leopard print flats $89.99; buy now from Who says you can’t be chic and indulge your wild side at the same time? With these elegant leopard print flats from Cole Haan, you can do both. Image via Nordstrom 33 A bad hair day baseball cap $112.50; buy now at Your typical sports team hat has its place, but if you want to disguise those bad hair days in a more elegant manner, it’s time to upgrade. Fortunately, this Rag and Bone suede baseball cap can forgive all manner of hair horrors. Image via Steve Madden 34 A pair of sneakers you can dress up $59.98; buy now at Who says that flats and heels are your only choices for office-appropriate footwear? These quilted platform sneakers from Steve Madden are elegant enough to pair with a work outfit, but comfortable enough to run around town in afterward. Image via Asos 35 A black statement belt $13; buy now at A little flair around your waist can go a long way. Add this black and gold statement belt from ASOS to your wardrobe and you can instantly elevate even the plainest dresses and flowy tops, making them more form-fitting and flattering in the process. Image via White + Warren 36 A cashmere wrap $350; buy now at A parka isn’t your only solution for those dipping temperatures. For a chic cold weather accessory that doubles as the perfect travel blanket, turn to this comfortable cashmere wrap from White + Warren. 37 A pair of white sneakers $125; buy now at Want to look chic and on trend this weekend? Pair that perfectly distressed pair of jeans with these classic white sneakers from Kenneth Cole for an on-trend, but age-appropriate look. Image via Nordstrom 38 A stylish headband $29; buy now at Just because Gossip Girl has come and gone doesn’t mean the reign of the headband is over. This chic scarf headband is the ideal way to push your hair out of your face on hot days without sacrificing style. Image via Michael Kors 39 A pair of grown-up flip-flops $59; buy now at It’s time to leave those cheap plastic flip-flops in the past. For a more elegant look that will last you next to forever, try these adorable bow-adorned Michael Kors jellies on for size instead. Image via Skagen 40 A leather watch $175; buy now at Sometimes, a metal feels a little too dressy for what you’re wearing. What that issue arises, an equally-chic leather-banded watch, like this one from Skagen, can help tone down your look. Image via Pearl Source 41 A classic pearl necklace $119 buy now at Whether you’re attending a black-tie event or simply trying to dress up your favorite work outfit, a strand of pearls can instantly elevate any look. 42 A set of stacking rings $28; buy now at Who says that attractive jewelry has to be expensive? This set of delicate stacking rings—just $28 at Madewell—has the look of a costlier collection and will have everyone asking where you got them. Image via Lululemon 43 A pair of opaque black leggings $98; buy now at There’s no age limit on comfortable chic. While pricier than your average cotton pair, these Lululemon black leggings won’t let you down, whether you’re pairing them with some heels and a tunic for a night out or wearing them to a yoga class. Image via Franco Sarto 44 An ankle-strap heel $119; buy now at Lengthen your legs, dress up your favorite outfit, and enjoy the thrill of coming home without your feet aching with these sensible, yet sexy, Coralie pumps from Franco Sarto. Images via Bloomingdale's 45 Leather gloves $98; buy now at Why spend another decade wearing mittens more befitting a fourth-grader than a full-blown adult? When you’re ready to upgrade, check out these cashmere-lined leather gloves from Bloomingdale’s, which pair perfectly with casual outfits and formalwear alike. 46 A reliable umbrella $44; buy now at By the time you’re 50, it’s time to ditch those cheap, breakage-prone umbrellas for good. Upgrade to this chic clear umbrella from Vera Bradley—you’ll not only enjoy more protection from the , you’ll also get to enjoy tons of compliments. Image via Nine West 47 A pair of strap-happy sandals $59.99; buy now at Welcome the summer in style this year with a pair of elegant strap sandals. Luckily, this Nine West pair is dainty enough to pair with your favorite floaty sundress, but its stacked heel is sturdy enough for those nights you find yourself trekking from venue to venue. Image via Bloomingdale's 48 A fashionable backpack $195; buy now at One-shoulder bags may look great, but they rarely feel great on your arm after a long day. Enter: this chic Rebecca Minkoff backpack, which can hold everything you need in a day, but won’t leave you needing a trip to the chiropractor. Image via TOMS 49 A comfortable pair of espadrilles $58.99; buy now at Comfort and style can go hand-in-hand this summer, thanks to these adorable espadrilles. Perfect when paired with jeans, a midi skirt, or even a summer dress, these shoes are perfect for all-day wear. Image via Bloomingdale's 50 A fitness tracker $129.96; buy now at If you’ve noticed your metabolism getting more sluggish after your 50th, you’re not alone. The good news? A cute tracker, like the Fitbit Alta, can help keep you accountable throughout the day, helping you meet those fitness goals in no time. The post appeared first on .
October 10, 2018