20 Target Halloween Costumes That Are Spooky Good


The worst thing about a trip to Target? Unless you have the discipline of a monk, it’s practically impossible to go in for one item without leaving with 50. That’s particularly true around Halloween, when the Bullseye trots out its spooky wares. The costume section is so tempting that even the biggest penny pinchers find themselves loading up on more than one “just in case!” So, to help you pare down your search (and keep from overloading your closet), we’ve rounded up this year’s best Target Halloween costumes that you can buy right now.

$37; buy now at Target

Halloween is supposed to be a scary night, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with it. If you want your costume to be equal parts horrifying and hilarious, pick up this inflatable reaper costume that’s sure to score you first prize at any costume contest.

$40; buy now at Target

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow has been terrifying those who read it for nearly two centuries. And if you’re a fan of the spooky story, now you can keep the bone-chilling merriment going this Halloween with this Headless Horseman costume. People are sure to lose their heads over how convincing it is!

$25; buy now at Target

Barbie and Annabelle aren’t the only dolls who deserve some love this Halloween. This paper doll costume is a steal at just $25, and there’s even a cheaper women’s version (just $18!) if you want to go with your S.O. as a pair.

$80; buy now at Target

Sure, sandal season may be over in much of the country by the time Halloween rolls around, but that doesn’t mean you can’t honor your fond memories of the summertime. This pair of flip flops costume is perfect for any pair that wants to dress up together without resorting to a groan-worthy couples costume.

$135; buy now at Target

Dressing up as a horse this Halloween doesn’t have to mean sharing a sweaty costume with your friend and fighting over who gets to be which end of the animal. Instead, you can horse around this Halloween in this equine outfit—no partner needed.

$32; buy now at Target

Who says little ones have to stick to pumpkins and princess costumes for Halloween? This year, get your family’s feline aficionado in on the fun with this crazy cat lady get-up.

$27; buy now at Target

Is it cool to be objectified? No way. That said, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise if this costume gets you treated like a piece of meat.

$22; buy now at Target

Whether you’re trying to celebrate your love of breakfast foods, are making a Parks and Rec reference, or are going as the most important part of a Stranger Things group costume, it’ll be easy to butter up anyone handing out candy in your neighborhood in this clever outfit.

$43; buy now at Target

Keep it old school this Halloween and dress up as everyone’s favorite highly-malleable retro cartoon character, Gumby. This is the perfect costume for when you don’t feel like putting tons of time into your Halloween hair and makeup.

$40; buy now at Target

Are your kids obsessed with “Baby Shark”? Have you never gotten over Katy Perry’s left shark? Was your Jaws costume so scary your significant other made you return it? Whatever the reason behind you donning this fin-tastic costume, you’re sure to make a splash in it this Halloween.

$21; buy now at Target

There are so many pros to this fork costume: You can wear your own clothes with it; it’s easily recognizable; and the pick-up lines practically write themselves. The only con we can see? Not being able to find someone to silver-wear a complementary utensil outfit with you.

$21; buy now at Target

While The Shining was released nearly 40 years ago, the movie hasn’t lost any of its scary appeal. So this Halloween, grab your best friend and scare the living daylights out of anyone you encounter with this scary twin costume, straight from the halls of The Overlook Hotel.

$37; buy now at Target

Looking for a fun and easily recognizable costume that won’t cost you a fortune? At just $37, this Granny Wolf costume is a budget-friendly buy that makes the perfect accompaniment to a Little Red Riding Hood or lumberjack outfit.

$36; buy now at Target

Real talk: The people who give out fruit instead of candy at Halloween are the worst. Orange you glad you’ll be going as fruit instead of getting it?

$42; buy now at Target

Whether you’re a Julie Andrews purist or love Emily Blunt’s reimagined version, this Mary Poppins costume is truly a treat for anyone who sees it. And while you’ll have to provide the magic carpet bag yourself, for just $42, you’ll get the hat, dress, and gloves of everyone’s favorite fantastical nanny.

$25; buy now at Target

You don’t need to don yet another cookie cutter Halloween costume this year. Instead, go very dairy with your look this year with this adorable glass of milk costume.

$34; buy now at Target

Whether you’re a Ghostbusters purist or think the reboot is the cat’s pajamas, you’re sure to have strangers hoping to Zuul they don’t wind up covered in ectoplasm when you don this Slimer costume.

$25; buy now at Target

The biggest complaint about Halloween from parents and dentists alike? All the sugar. Luckily, this year, you can head those concerns off at the pass with this clever toothbrush costume, sure to coax a smile out of even the biggest sugar slanderer.

$15; buy now at Target

Who says that popcorn has to be a movies-only treat? This Halloween, let your little one get a bit corny in this adorable popcorn costume, perfect for pairing with candy or soda get-ups for a charming group costume.

$50; buy now at Target

Love the steampunk aesthetic, but don’t have the cash to convert your computer and car to crank-powered ones? Then indulge your love of all things old-timey this Halloween with this fetching steampunk costume instead.

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