50 Amazing Home Upgrades for Under $50


From opening up floor plans to remodeling rooms, updating your home can be a time-intensive and costly process. And though your average HGTV show might promise you otherwise, it’s not always easy to find budget-friendly upgrades that suit your aesthetic. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You can make significant improvements to your home—and boost your enjoyment of it, too—for a pretty reasonable amount. From kitchen accessories to space-saving storage, we’ve rounded up 50 amazing ways to upgrade your home—all for under $50.

*Note: Since deals are always coming and going, some of the sale prices shown in this article may no longer apply.


$26; buy now at Home Depot

Need a stylish way to illuminate your space? This black and gold wall sconce is the perfect addition to any design scheme, whether you’re in a contemporary home or favor mid-century modern décor.


$48; buy now at Uncommon Goods

Who says your recycling bins have to be boring? This paper bag recycling bin is so adorable, you’ll be eager to display those recyclable goods.


$46; buy now at Southern Living Store

If you want to boost your home’s curb appeal and make it look stunning for the season, this cotton wreath will kill two birds with one stone.


$59$44; buy now at West Elm

Doing laundry may be a thankless task, but a fancy French laundry basket can add a little style to every cycle.


$13; buy now at CB2

We’ve all been there: After a long day at work, you toss your keys onto whatever piece of furniture is nearest and then scramble to find them again in the morning. Luckily, this elegant marble catchall makes those misplaced keys, change, and other knick-knacks a thing of the past.


$34; buy now at Hayneedle

Just because you use your remote control frequently doesn’t mean it should become a permanent fixture in your home décor. For all those living room extras you’d rather keep tucked away, this faux-leather storage ottoman is perfect.


$40$34; buy now at Overstock

Bulky bookshelves aren’t the only way to give yourself more room to display your treasured goods. This cantilever wall shelf isn’t just budget-friendly, it’s an attractive way to show off those travel souvenirs and other pieces of ephemera.


$50$35; buy now at Target

Here’s a bright idea: Add this vintage-inspired metal lamp to your home office and elevate your space in an instant.


$20; buy now at Mac & Mabel

You don’t need to break out the sledgehammer to give your bathroom a major makeover. Case in point: This glass soap dispenser can immediately add some serious style to any powder room.


$13; buy now at CB2

Instead of letting that mail pile up on your entryway, keep it organized with this stylish gold letter holder.


$25; buy now at Overstock

You don’t have to spend tons of money on a pricey smart home system to enjoy more convenient technology. This motion-sensing table lamp is under $25, but has all the functionality—and style—of a far pricier piece. Plus, it turns itself off when it detects no one is in the room.


$46; buy now at Bed Bath & Beyond

Eager to hide those less-than-beautiful bathroom accessories? Even if you don’t have a sink with a cabinet underneath, you can keep those extras under wraps with this rolling storage shelf.


$50; buy now at World Market

Whether you’re an amateur ornithologist or you simply love rustic design, this birdhouse-inspired shelf is sure to keep your home looking stylish—and well-organized, too.


$18; buy now at CB2

Those blooms from your local florist—or just your back garden—will look sweet in this delicate petal pink vase.


$44; buy now at Hayneedle

Small bathrooms, meet your match. This over-the-toilet space-saving bathroom organizer is every bit as stylish as it is smart.


$24; buy now at World Market

Whether you’re practicing your mise en place with these stylish ceramics or using them to keep track of those odds and ends on your nightstand, these bowls are a chic way to keep everything contained.


$40; buy now at West Elm

Even the most elegantly-decorated room can look a little rough with a tangle of cables in the corner. Luckily, this cable-containing box does a great job concealing all those electronic elements.


$49; buy now at CB2

The next time you have guests over, you’re sure to wow them when you bring out their drinks or appetizers on this chic serving tray.


$60$24; buy now at Pottery Barn

Who needs those glass ramekins that are always getting lost or broken? When you’re hosting your next get-together—or even the next time you make burgers at home and want to put out condiments—use this elegant set of copper cauldrons instead.


$30$26; buy now at Mac & Mabel

That sweet pup in your life doesn’t just deserve treats—they deserve stylishly-presented ones, too. Fortunately, this attractive canister won’t look out of place even in the most minimalist kitchens.


$20; buy now at CB2

Looking to add a little style to your entryway—or just give yourself a soft landing when you get out of bed? This upcycled leather rug is sure to fit the bill.


$30; buy now at World Market

You don’t have to spend a huge amount of money on antiques to infuse your home with mid-century charm. Case in point: This stylish starburst, which clocks in at just under $30.


$25; buy now at Uncommon Goods

Who needs a weather app? This adorable cloud sits on your desk, nightstand, or kitchen counter, and changes its consistency based on the weather. It’s the cutest reminder for which days you need an umbrella.


$18; buy now at Modcloth

If you love your feline friend, why not incorporate their pawsitively adorable image into your décor scheme with this sweet little night light?


From $20; buy now at CB2

Oatmeal and coffee may be morning essentials for you, but that doesn’t mean you want to see the unattractive boxes they came in on your counter. Luckily, this canister set can help you ditch them and make your kitchen look Ina Garten-levels of organized.


From $29From $21; buy now at West Elm

You don’t need a garden to exercise your green thumb. These tabletop planters are the perfect spot for those herbs, spices, or succulents.


$67$34; buy now at Home Depot

It doesn’t take a lot of money to add a lot of style to your space. This sizable mirror works in a bedroom, bathroom, or front hall, and will only set you back $34.


$49$36; buy now at West Elm

Looking to add a little whimsy to your design scheme? These adorable llama planters are the perfect way to make any table or windowsill more cheerful.


$49; buy now at Hayneedle

You don’t need to spend thousands on barn doors and shiplap to infuse your home with some rustic appeal. Even if you’re not ready to commit to a full home makeover, this farmhouse-style medicine cabinet will certainly brighten up your bathroom.


$39; buy now at Urban Outfitters

No room in your budget for additional couches or chairs? No problem! These pintuck pillows make the floor just as comfortable a lounging spot as your average armchair.


From $25; buy now at CB2

With these chic brass frames, you might actually be convinced to display a few pictures from your social media IRL.


$38; buy now at Overstock

Those standard builder-grade flush-mount fixtures are doing nothing for the appeal of your room. And while this silver-accented light is inexpensive, it can make any space look like a million bucks.


$15; buy now at Mac & Mabel

Finding a stylish home for your precious plants doesn’t have to be an expensive proposition. Whether you’re attaching them to the outside of your home or creating a stylish plant wall indoors, these terra cotta planters can add instant appeal.


$49; buy now at CB2

Ditch that drab lighting your home came with and spiff up your space with this pretty drum light, certain to brighten any room.


$49; buy now at Urban Outfitters

Just because you’re short on space doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style. While it’s got a low profile, this macramé hanging shelf can add instant appeal to any room.


$30; buy now at Horchow

Don’t lose another piece of jewelry to the recesses of your nightstand again. With this adorable, brightly-colored Lily Pulitzer jewelry holder, you can easily keep track of all of your baubles and display them with pride.


$35; buy now at World Market

While it’s got tons of vintage-inspired charm, this brass lamp base definitely doesn’t have an antique-store price tag.


$49$36; buy now at West Elm

Starburst mirrors have been home design staples for the better part of a century, but like many antiques, their cost is often prohibitive. Luckily, these West Elm mirrors have ample style, a wallet-friendly price, and are small enough to use in conjunction with other pieces without overwhelming your walls.


$15; buy now at CB2

Give that old dresser or nightstand new life. Your houseguests will definitely be bugging out over these gorgeous drawer pulls.


$44; buy now at Target

You don’t have to spend your whole salary on a remodel to get a magazine-worthy bathroom. This glass vessel sink serves up big style with a budget-friendly price.


$39; buy now at Urban Outfitters

That dingy shower curtain you’ve had for years isn’t doing your bathroom any favors. So, how can you liven up your space without spending a fortune? This lemon-print shower curtain is a perfectly sweet addition.


$45; buy now at West Elm

Those muddy boots need to go somewhere, but that doesn’t mean your bedroom floor should be littered with shoes. And luckily, with this adjustable shoe rack, you can keep your footwear fashionably contained.


$25; buy now at Bed Bath & Beyond

Just because something is used for trash doesn’t mean it needs to look like garbage, too. This chic mosaic wastebasket is the perfect accessory to replace those cold metal cans.


$18; buy now at CB2

No room for a coat rack? No problem! Taking a page from ‘60s home decor style, these adorable dot coat hooks can keep that clutter at bay.


From $24-From $18; buy now at West Elm

You’re proud of your book collection—and you should be proud of how you display it, too. With these gorgeous agate bookends, you never have to sort through a dusty pile of novels to find the one you want to read again.


$50$42; buy now at CB2

You can lend some tropical vibes to your design scheme with the addition of this stylish palm-print pillow.


$40; buy now at Bed Bath & Beyond

A lack of a linen closet doesn’t have to mean your towels are haphazardly hung up all over the place. This five-tiered rack can keep those towels organized—and stylishly so.


$50$39; buy now at Urban Outfitters

Whether you’ve got a small space, a small budget, or both, this petite side table is sure to liven up any corner without breaking the bank.


$32; buy now at Uncommon Goods

Is there anything more frustrating than finding a beverage ring on your coffee table? With these stylish coasters, you can rest your drinks in style—and without fear.


$44$33; buy now at West Elm

Organization is everything. And with this tray, you can keep your nightstand, front-hall console, or bathroom vanity looking like a magazine-worthy tableau. And for more ways to make your home feel more spacious, discover these 30 Home Design Tricks That Will Make Any Room Look So Much Bigger.

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