Endgame, Spiderman, Lion King, Toy Story 4 Box Office Live Stream


After Endgame vs Avatar live stream, this new live stream will track Endgame, Spiderman, Lion King, Toy Story box office numbers. Can Endgame cross 2.800 Billion ? Can Lion King become highest grossing animated movie of all time beating Frozen ? [BETA TESTING] We are still testing all commands and features. We will try to fix it during weekend if they dont work properly. We have added new challenge, new ranking an polling system. Enjoy ! **VOTE** Vote for movie !endgame !spiderman !lionking !ts4 **RANKING MCU MOVIE** Ranking favorite Marvel movies. If you were to rank MCU movies from best to worst movie, how will you rank them ? Compare your ranking to this ranking and vote for movie which you think is under-ranked. We will add more polls and questions later. ** GUESS MARVEL CHARACTER ** Initially image of marvel character will be blurry. Try to guess which Marvel character it is. Once you submit your answer, you can't change it. 10 correct entries will win points. We are still testing this, if it doesn't work we will fix it soon. Command: !v {character} !v ant-man, !v black-panther, !v black-widow, !v captain-america, !v captain-marvel, !v doctor-strange, !v drax, !v falcon, !v gamora, !v groot, !v happy-hogan, !v hawkeye, !v hulk, !v iron-man, !v loki, !v mantis, !v nebula, !v nick-fury, !v okoye, !v pepper-potts, !v rocket, !v scarlet-witch, !v shuri, !v spider-man, !v star-lord, !v thor, !v valkyria, !v vision, !v war-machine, !v wasp, !v winter-soldier, !v wong POINTS We have developed new point system than what streamlabs has. So your points on stream page and points on streamlabs will not match RULES 1. Be respectful. (Punishment: Instant ban) 2. Don't ask for or share your email/mobile/age. (Punishment: 1 Timeout as warning then ban) 3. Don't write repetitive / annoying / spam messages. (Punishment: 2 Timeout as warning then ban) 4. Don't ask for for subs or channel view. (Punishment: Instant ban) SUPPORT US: Donate or shop MCU poster, infinity gauntlet and more https://untangled.live/endgame-vs-avatar/donate DASHIFY : Turn your chrome browser tab into dashboard using dashify chrome extension : http://bit.ly/2XOlfY3 CONTACT US Facebook : https://fb.me/UntangledLive Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/UntangledLive/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/UntangledLive Contact Us : untangled@dashify.me #endgame #spiderman #boxoffice #lionking #toystory4

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