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Samantha Bee is taking re-purposing the bus that it had used to travel to the Women’s March in 2017 and conventions before that to attend the Saturday event in the U.S. capital. In a video promotion for the bus, she encouraged students to “Please stop by our bus and say hi.”

Bee promised a sign-making station and free cell phone chargers on the bus “so that your phones have enough juice to lead a movement.” The host then joked, “Feel free to take whatever we left on the bus when we went to the Women’s March: lightly used pussy hats, old pizza, two writers, take it.” The host then asked teens to promise not to tell their parents that she had used the word “pussy.”

Jimmy Fallon and his family will be attending the March for Our Lives, and on Tuesday he told the Tonight Show audience, “I just want to remind everybody that this Saturday, March 24, students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have organized a march in Washington. It’s called the March for Our Lives, and it’s to tell the government, loud and clear, that we demand change on the issue of gun control.” 

“I’ll be there, with my family, to support the students,” Fallon added. “And I encourage all of you — families, students, teachers, anyone who wants change — head to Washington this Saturday, or find a local march happening in your city, and show your support for these kids as they make their voices heard. Our future is speaking, and we should listen.”

On Thursday, Jordan Klepper took The Opposition on the road, taping and airing its episode from the living room of a Maryland-based high school student organizer on the front lines of the fight for gun control, just days ahead of the March for Our Lives rally. 

Titled “The Opposition Chaperones Democracy: Kids Just Wanna Take Guns,” the episode also featured U.S. Senator Cory Booker, a staunch advocate for gun control, as a guest. Of the march, Booker said he strongly supported it. “Change has never in history come from Washington, it’s come to Washington … It was people that marched and demonstrated and brought change to Washington.”

The episode also included a field piece in which correspondent Kobi Libii visited a Baltimore high school to speak with student activists about gun violence in their local community. One of the students shared: “We need people who are willing to support us and ensure that our future is a priority for them. Because we need this. We need this March for Our Lives in order for people like you to understand that we matter. Our voices matter.”

Gun control was the theme of the night on Comedy Central, as fellow host Trevor Noah had five survivors from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting on The Daily Show. One of the students, Kai Koerber, explained to Noah why arming teachers makes him feel uncomfortable. “Me being a minority in the South and having a teacher have a gun, regardless of color, does not make me feel comfortable … I don’t think that lethal weapons should have a place in the school environment.”

Another, Elijah Abraham, said he hopes more attention is given to “this multi-faceted issue” of gun control as a result of the march. “This is domestic terrorism, and this is a multi-leveled issue that requires different solutions,” he said.

Seth Meyers shared a fake ad promoting the work of teens on Thursday’s episode of Late Night. “Some are saying these teenagers might be the answer to all our problems,” Meyers said before showing the clip.

“Does reading the news terrify you? Does criticizing your congressman on Twitter feel empty and futile? Are you worried you’re not actually doing anything to save our country?” asks the narrator, suggesting that teenagers are the answer to all of the country’s problems. “Once considered a menace to society, teenagers are now cleaning up the political catastrophe left by older generations.” 

“With teenagers like Emma Gonzalez doing what I care about, I can finally focus on what I love,” says a woman in her kitchen, “drinking wine and looking at dog pictures on Instagram.”

Meyers also shared his changed perception of teenagers in the fake ad. “As a 44-year-old, I used to look down on teenagers. But then I thought, what makes my generation so great? We were slackers who listened to grunge music and watched Desert Storm on TV,” he says. “We straight up sucked.”


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